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On 6/30/2000, Bell Atlantic Corporation (BNTR) and GTE Corporation (GTTC) merged into one company, Verizon Communications (VCTR).

Existing Companies & Related COSAs

  • Verizon California, Inc.  GTGC, GTCA, COCA, CONV, COAZ
  • Verizon Florida, Inc.  GTFL
  • Verizon Northwest, Inc.  GTNW, GTID, GTOR, GTWA, GNCA, COWA
  • Verizon South, Inc.  GTSO, GTNC, GTSC, GTVA, GLIL, CONC, COSC, COVA (GTGA traded to Alltel, and GTTN. GTWV property sold to Citizens in 1993, GTAL property sold to CenturyTel in 2002, and GTKY and COKY sold to Alltel in 2002.)
  • GTE Southwest, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Southwest  GTSW, GTTX, COTX (GTAR, GTNM, GTOK, CONM property sold in 2000)
  • Verizon North, Inc.  GTMW, GTIL, GTIN, GTMI, GTOH, GTPA, GTWI, COIL, COIN, COPT, COPA, COQS (Beginning with 2008 data, GTGO is no longer required to file ARMIS Reports.)
  • Contel of the South, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Mid-States  COSO, GLIN, GLMI, (COGA traded to ALLTEL and COAL property sold to CenturyTel in 2002.)

Sold/Transferred Companies & Related COSAs

  • GTE Alaska Inc. d/b/a Verizon Alaska  GTAK
  • GTE Arkansas, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Arkansas  COAT, COAR, COSA
  • Verizon Hawaii, Inc.  GTHI (sold to The Carlyle Group in 2005 – see Hawaiian Telcom Communnications HTHI)
  • Micronesian  GTMC (sold to Pacific Telecommunications, Inc. in 2005)
  • GTE Midwest Inc. d/b/a Verizon Midwest  GTMD, GTMO, COMO, COCM, COEM (sold to CenturyTel in 2002) GTIA , COIA and COSI (sold to Iowa Telecom in 2000) and GTNE (sold to Citizens in 2000)
  • Contel of Minnesota, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Minnesota  COTM, COMN, GTMN
  • Contel of California, Inc. d/b/a GTE California  COCT (defunct), COCA (transferred to GTE - California), CONV (transferred to GTE - California), COAZ (transferred to GTE - California)
  • Contel of Illinois, Inc. d/b/a GTE Illinois  COIL (transferred to GTE - North)
  • Contel of Indiana, Inc. d/b/a GTE Indiana  COIN (transferred to GTE - North)
  • Contel of Missouri, Inc. d/b/a GTE Missouri  COMO (transferred to GTE - Midwest)
  • Contel of New York, Inc. d/b/a GTE New York  CONY (sold to Citizens Telecom), COUP (transferred to Citizens Telecom), CORH (transferred to Citizens Telecom), COWC (transferred to Citizens Telecom)
  • Contel of Texas, Inc. d/b/a GTE Texas  COTX (transferred to GTE - Southwest)
  • Contel of Virginia, Inc. d/b/a GTE Virginia  COVA (transferred to GTE - South)
  • Contel of the West, Inc. d/b/a GTE West  COWW (defunct), COWZ (transferred to Citizens Telecom), CONM (transferred to GTE - Southwest), COUT (transferred to Citizens Telecom), COID (transferred to GTE - Northwest, and then to Citizens Telecom)
  • Other Contel Companies
  • Telecommunications of Puerto Rico PRTC (sold to American Movil on March 30, 2007)


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