This document lists points of contact for the carriers that provide VRS.  (Alphabetical by company.)

If you do not see your carrier or provider listed, or encounter a problem, you may contact the Relay Services Administrator within your state at Relay Services Points of Contact or the FCC's Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau via email at

To update changes in contact or service provider information, please send an email listing the requested changes to so that this page can be updated accordingly.

  • ASL Services Holdings, LLC (branded as GlobalVRS)
    (Conditionally certified for VRS)
    Gabrielle Joseph, VP Operations
    ASL Services Holdings, LLC
    3700 Commerce Blvd
    Kissimmee, FL 34741
    Telephone Numbers: Voice: 407-518-7900, ext. 321; Fax: 407-518-7903
  • Convo Communications, LLC
    (Certified for VRS)
    Jeff Rosen, General Counsel
    Convo Communications, LLC
    6601 Owens Drive, #155
    Pleasanton, CA 94588
    Telephone number: 240-406-7238
  • Sorenson Communications, LLC (branded as Sorenson VRS and CaptionCall)
    (Conditionally certified for VRS and IP CTS)
    Michael D. Maddix, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs
    Sorenson Communications, LLC
    4192 South Riverboat Road
    Salt Lake City, UT 84123
    Telephone Numbers: Voice: 801-287-9461; Fax: 801-287-9401
  • ZP Better Together (formerly CSDVRS, LLC and Purple Communications, Inc.)  
    (Conditionally certified for VRS)
    Gregory Hlibok, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer
    11900 N. Jollyville Road #204209
    Austin, TX 78759
    Telephone Numbers: 443-574-7042 VP; Fax: 855-236-0840
    Purple (sub-brand)
    ZVRS (sub-brand)

Conditional Certification

Conditional certification means that the Commission has conducted an initial review of a TRS provider’s application and determined that the application facially meets the certification requirement, but the Commission has reserved its right to verify some of the information contained in the application, such as through conducting on-site inspections of the provider’s facilities.

A conditionally certified TRS provider is able to provide the service described in its application and receive compensation for the TRS Fund for its provision of service, and must otherwise comply with all applicable Commission rules.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022