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The September 2, 2020 deadline for Tribal applications for 2.5 GHz spectrum has passed, and the Rural Tribal Window is now CLOSED.

Information on this page is provided for reference purposes only. For 2.5 GHz Tribal Application Review and Licensing Information, please click here.

Tribal applicants in the 2.5 GHz Rural Tribal Window should follow these general steps.  Any questions about the filing process should be directed to RuralTribalWindow@fcc.gov

Step 1: Read the FCC Public Notice Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Announces Procedures For 2.5 Ghz Rural Tribal Priority Window for background information, definitions, eligibility, and procedures.

Step 2: Visit the 2.5 Rural Tribal Window resource page for general information, updates, and links to pertinent information.

Step 3: Conduct a ULS search or visit the 2.5 Rural Tribal Maps to see what 2.5 GHz spectrum may be unassigned and available over your Tribal lands.

Step 4: Before beginning your application, you must have an FCC Registration Number (FRN); if you do not already have an FRN, you can register for one. To begin, visit the FCC Registration page to set up an FCC account.

Step 5: Before starting your application, be sure to have all required application attachments prepared and ready to upload, including:

  • Eligibility and local presence information (required)
  • A shapefile of the eligible area for which you are applying (you may use an FCC provided U.S. Census shapefile, or you may need an alternative shapefile (shapefile required, know before you apply whether you plan to upload a custom shapefile)
  • Any waiver request and showing (if requesting a waiver, have  the waiver request and supporting documentation ready to upload as part of the application process)

Step 6: Before you apply, you must have an FCC Ownership Disclosure Form (FCC Form 602) on file.  APPLICATIONS WITHOUT A FORM 602 ON FILE WILL BE DISMISSED. To begin, file the FCC form 602 and 601 using the following. Application Filing Instructions.

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For more information please visit the 2.5 Rural Tribal Window resource page or email ruraltribalwindow@fcc.gov.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020