Short Letter Comments

By Public Notice, DA 02-733, petitions/comments are due April 29, 2002. Below is a list of the short letter comments filed in reverse chronological order. Comments received after April 29, 2002 are Ex Parte filings.

Comment filed by Eight Various Individuals

Comment filed by L. Maitan

Comment filed by Ned Lamont

Comment filed by George McCollough

Comment filed by John Woodward

Comment filed by Roger Williams

Comment filed by James Babb

Comment filed by John Woodward

Comment filed by James Babb

Comment filed by Stephen W. Thomer

Comment filed by Lynn Benswanger

Comment filed by Ken Rosso

Comment filed by John Donovan

Comment filed by Ruth Stegner

Comment filed by Evan Henshaw-Plath

Comment filed by Ryan Donahue

Comment filed by Arthur Stamoulis

Comment filed by Jamie DePolo

Comment filed by Charles McCollum

Comment filed by John S. Szostak

Substanitally idential letters filed by the following persons: 11/20/02 - Alethya T. Avilan; 11/19/02 - Sarah C. Lacey; 11/14/02 - Alice Angelini; 6/10/02 - Adam Castor, 6/7/02 - Jacqueline M. Fralley, 5/28/02 - Corwin Haught, 5/22/02 - Janice Cragnolin, Jay Sherwood, Jean Pauline, Jon Koppenhoefer, Lisa Bryant, 5/21/02 - Amy I. More, Bettie L. Ryan, David Patterson, Eric Neely, Lee Gibson, Jacqueline M. Fralley, Jacqueline Paynter, Jeffery Barrett, Johannes G. Webb, Kara Andrade, Michael Gallagher, Miranda Brewer, Nancy Sendler, Norman F. Hall, Oni Sioson, Rick Potthoff, Rita Bogolub, Ron Krinock, Sarah Browning, Steve WRight, Thomas Longman, William Du Bois, 5/20/02 - James A. Ferrigno, Philip Chagnon, Molly K. Mitoma, 5/14/02 - Morris Einhorn, 5/10/02 - Ryan A. Scott, 5/09/02 - Marshall Runkel, 5/08/02 - Angela Alston, Danielle Redden, Marshall Runkel, Walter G. Murphy, 5/07/02 - Casimiro Lovato-Winston, 5/06/02 - Mark Wahl



Monday, November 18, 2002