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This is a list of Domain Names to which marketers may not send unsolicited e-mail because the messages go to wireless devices, including cell phones and pagers. These names were provided by wireless providers to protect their customers. This is not a list of spammers. 

The purpose of the domain name registry is to protect cellular and other commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) wireless consumers from unwanted commercial electronic mail messages, by identifying, for those who send commercial electronic mail messages, Internet domain names used to transmit electronic messages to CMRS consumers. For more information, click on the CAN-SPAM link on the left side of this page.

Domain Names were posted on

This domain name list is updated only when wireless service providers submit valid new domain names or delete unused domain names. FCC rules require wireless service providers to update the list not less than 30 days before issuing subscribers any new or modified domain name and remove any domain name that has not been issued to subscribers or is no longer in use within six months of placing it on the list or its last date of use.

Download the latest Domain Names in Text or XML format. Be advised that doing a left-click on the below links will open the files in the web browser. To download the files, right-click on the link and select "Save..." from the pop-up box. Files can be named as desired, but they must have the ".txt" or ".xml" extension. Each file contains the Posted Date and Domain Name and are sorted by the most recent Posted Date, then by Domain Name. In the text file, the Posted Date and Domain Name are separated by the cone symbol ("^").

     Text | XML

In addition to the above download, the Domain Names and their Posted Date can also be viewed on this web page by using the scroll bar to move down this page. If you know the first character of the Domain Name, click on the corresponding character in the following list.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016