The FCC does not control the programming schedules of broadcast radio or television stations or the programming of subscription radio or television, such as cable, satellite radio, satellite television or video programming introduced by telephone companies. The FCC approves licenses for broadcast radio and television stations and regulates some aspects of their operations, but, under the Communications Act, it does not impose rules for selecting and scheduling programs.    

Scheduling programs

Radio and television broadcasters and subscription service providers are expected to be aware of the problems and needs of the communities they serve and to present programs that address local issues. They are not required to air all programming that may be available to them from networks or other programming suppliers.

Complaints and concerns

All concerns or comments about radio or television programming selections should be directed to the broadcast or subscription service provider involved so that the people responsible for making the programming decisions can become better informed about audience opinion and reactions.

Consumer Help Center

For more information on consumer issues, visit the FCC’s Consumer Help Center at

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