The Cybersecurity and Communications Reliability Division (CCR) helps ensure that the nation’s communications networks are reliable and secure so that the public can communicate, especially during emergencies. CCR identifies and promotes network improvements through investigations, stakeholder-driven processes, and rulemakings. Focus areas include emergency communications, such as 911 and emergency alerting, network performance during disasters, and major network outages and threats.

Network Reliability.  CCR monitors and analyzes communications network outages to identify trends, assess actions the FCC can take to help prevent and mitigate outages, and where necessary, assist response and recovery activities.

  • Network Reliability Resources.  Information on ensuring and improving network reliability, including resources related to emergency alerting, disaster and emergency response, and cybersecurity.

Disaster Preparedness and Response.  During emergencies, CCR collects information on the operational status of communications infrastructure to support government disaster assistance efforts and to monitor restoration and recovery.  CCR also oversees and monitors industry efforts to strengthen wireless network resiliency.

Risks and Vulnerabilities.  The Division works to identify and reduce risks to the reliability of the nation’s communications network.

  • Communications Security Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC).  CSRIC is a federal advisory committee that makes recommendations to the FCC on a range of public safety and homeland security-related communications matters, including: (1) the reliability of communications systems and infrastructure; (2) 911, Enhanced 911 (E911), and Next Generation 911 (NG911); (3) emergency alerting; and (4) national security/emergency preparedness (NS/EP) communications, including law enforcement access to communications.

Supply Chain.  In today’s increasingly connected world, safeguarding the security and integrity of America’s communications infrastructure has never been more important; as such, CCR conducts targeted reviews into companies that may pose a potential national security threat to the integrity of U.S. communications networks or the communications supply chain.

Division Leadership

Leon Kenworthy
Division Chief

Drew Morin
Deputy Division Chief

James Wiley
Deputy Division Chief
(202) 418-1678

George Donato
Associate Division Chief
(202) 418-0729