The Cybersecurity and Communications Reliability Division (CCR) works with the communications industry and other stakeholders to develop and implement improvements that help ensure the reliability and security of the nation's communications infrastructure.  CCR also administers the Commission’s information collection requirements with respect to communications reliability:

Network Outage Reporting System (NORS):  Communications providers file network outage information in NORS, and CCR analyses the data to identify trends and determine whether the outages could likely have been prevented or mitigated had the providers followed certain network reliability best practices.

Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS):  DIRS is a system through which communications service providers, including wireless, wireline, broadcast and cable companies, can voluntarily report infrastructure status and situational awareness information during a crisis.

911 Reliability Certification:  CCR manages the information system through which covered service providers annually certify that they take reasonable measures to provide reliable 911 service.  


Division Leadership

Avery Roselle
Division Chief
(202) 418-1462

Jennifer Holtz
Deputy Division Chief
(202) 418-2336


Tuesday, August 25, 2020