The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau’s (PSHSB’s) Cybersecurity and Communications Reliability Division (CCR) works with communications service providers, public safety entities, and other stakeholders to ensure continued access to communications services for all Americans. PSHSB routinely encourages communications service providers to follow certain best practices to promote network reliability.

The list of network reliability resources and best practices below features recent FCC releases, and resources for communications service providers and the general public related to disaster and emergency response, emergency alerting, and cybersecurity.

Recent Releases

General Resources

Disaster and Emergency Response

  • Mandatory Disaster Response Initiative: Rules requiring improved disaster response and preparedness by certain wireless providers including mandatory roaming and mutual aid.  
  • DIRS Activations: Communications providers submit reports to the Disaster Information Reporting System during emergencies or disasters, and the Commission publishes reports aggregating the information.

Emergency Alerts






Monday, November 28, 2022