Leadership: Mary Lovejoy
Division Chief

OEA's Auctions Division (AD) serves as the Commission's principal resource for all auction design and implementation issues. In consultation with the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, Media Bureau, and Wireline Competition Bureau, AD plans, designs, and conducts all FCC spectrum auctions, including the recent auctions of flexible use licenses suitable for 5G services in the 3.45 GHz and 3.7 GHz Bands and the Upper 37, 39, and 47 GHz Bands, and construction permits for over-the-air television and radio services. AD also implements the Commission’s incentive auction authority to repurpose spectrum for new uses and conducts reverse auctions to distribute universal service support for broadband service (e.g., Auction 904 for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund). AD is responsible for assuring that all of the Commission’s auction processes allocate licenses, permits, or support in the most efficient manner possible and are fair and transparent for all participants and the public.

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