What kind of number is it?

If there is no indication of whether a number is a docket, DA or FCC number, you may need to try all three types of searches, one at a time before you find the right document. Combining the number with a date range or word in the title or description fields will help make the search more precise.

I have tried to search and it takes too long. How can I avoid my browser timing out with a search?

Please add additional search criteria for a more specific search to avoid over-long searches.

Why are the documents in so many formats?

Before January 1, 2000, the Commission used WordPerfect 5.1/5.2 as its official word processor. In 2000, the Commission changed to Word 97. All documents after March 2000 are offered in the original format (.doc or .docx), plain ASCII text (.txt), and portable document format (.pdf). The reason that we offer all 3 formats is to try to accommodate as many different potential users as possible.

Are these official versions of the documents?

No, these are the versions of the document as released. The version printed in the FCC Record is the official version. A copy of the FCC Record version giving official pagination is now offered as part of the EDOCS search results, starting toward the end of 2009.

The link suddenly stopped working, what do I do?

The server is probably down. Send email to EDOCSHelp@fcc.gov , with the time you had the problem. Try again later.

I did a search, but I am not getting any results back. Is it something with my browser?

Check your browser cache settings.

In IE, Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files, settings. Make sure under Check for newer versions of the stored pages: it is set to: Every visit to page.

In Communicator, Edit, Preferences. Advanced. Cache. Document in cache is compared to document on network: should be set to: Every time.

We are working on resolving some problems with displaying the result set in IE 5. Until these are resolved, try using a browser other than IE version 5.x. Alternatively, hold the Control Key down and click the refresh button.

If I have a problem searching, who do I contact?

Email EDOCShelp@fcc.gov, Include: the date and time you had a problem, what browser and browser version you were using, if the mouse pointer hourglassed (even briefly), and what browser message(s) appeared in the bottom left corner of the browser, as well as a description of the problem. If you also indicate your email if you are behind a firewall and if the search and retrieval has ever worked successfully for you, we should more quicky be able to solve the problem.

I searched with a citation (i.e., 15 FCC Rcd 3696) and a docket number (96-98 ) and got records that don't have documents attached. How can I get a copy of the document?

First, 1996 was early days for the FCC Web site, and our coverage of all documents issued by the Commission was not nearly as good as in subsequent years so you may find many records that don't have document links; Second, EDOCS integrates two older databases, one of which has documents, and the other which has citation information . What you need to do is to retrieve a document number (ie da or fcc number) by doing a citation search, then use the document number to retrieve a record with a document attached. A database cleanup to transfer all citation information to records with attached documents is underway.

Monday, May 21, 2018