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Policy Division, Media Bureau

The Policy Division conducts proceedings concerning broadcast, cable, and post-licensing Direct Broadcast Satellite issues, including the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act, Over-the-Air-Reception Devices, digital transition, customer premises equipment, access to programming and distribution platforms and other related matters.  It also facilitates competition in the multichannel video programming marketplace by resolving carriage and other complaints involving access to facilities as well as petitions for findings of effective competition.  In addition, the Division administers the FCC’s programs for political broadcasting and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) matters.

Policy Division (202) 418-2120
Division Chief Mary Beth Murphy
Senior Deputy Division Chief Steven Broeckaert
Assistant Division Chief Robert Baker
Assistant Division Chief Lewis Pulley
Assistant Division Chief Brendan Murray
Assistant Division Chief Maria Mullarkey

Issues and Topics

Division Issues
Children's TV-Guide Low Power TV
Children's TV-Rules and Orders Main Studio Rules
Class A TV Non-Reserved Channels
Closed Captioning Restrictions on Over-The-Air Reception Devices (OTARD)
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Political Programming & Candidate Access Rules
Digital Television Public Broadcasting and DTV
Equal Employment Opportunity Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010 (STELA)
Leased Access V-Chip
Low Power FM Video Description


Order Denying Bellizzi's Petition for Reconsideration.
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FCC Announces Broadcast Info Sessions for FL, Northeast, TX, Midwest.
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Media Bureau Dismisses Third DTV Periodic Petitions As Moot.
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DBS Market Modification NPRM Comment Deadlines Set.   Comment Date: 5/13/15.  Reply Comment Date: 5/28/15.
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Denial of NAB/PK Motion in Effective Competition Proceeding.
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DSTAC Meeting Scheduled for April 21.
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Media Bureau Announces Effective Competition NPRM Comment Deadlines.  Comment Date: 4/9/15.  Reply Comment Date: 4/20/15.
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Media Bureau Seeks Comment on ACA's Emergency Info Waiver Request.  Comment Date: 4/2/15.  Reply Comment Date: 4/9/15.
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Downloadable Security Technology Advisory Committee Meeting Scheduled for March 24, 2015.
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FCC Seeks Comment on Adopting Presumption of Effective Competition.
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Media Bureau Seeks Comment on Waiver Petition re Sponsorship ID Rules.
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FCC Issues Further Notice Proposing to Extend HD Carriage Exemption.
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Reply Comment Deadline in MVPD NPRM Extended to April 1.
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Media Bureau Announces Effective Date of STELAR Rules.
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Media Bureau Grants ESPN's Petition for Video Description Exemption.
Order and Public Notice: Word | Acrobat

Commission Seeks Comment on EchoStar's Waiver.  Comment Date: 3/12/15.  Reply Comment Date: 3/19/15.
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Order Denying Gray's Petition for Waiver.
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Media Bureau Seeks Comment on Funai's Analog Tuner Waiver Request.  Comment Date: 3/10/15.  Reply Comment Date: 3/17/15.
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Comment Dates Announced for Online Public File Expansion NPRM.  NPRM Comment Date: 3/16/15.  NPRM Reply Comment Date: 4/14/15.
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Effective Date for User Interfaces Rules Requiring OMB Approval.
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FCC Adopts Order Implementing Sections 101, 103 and 105 of STELAR.
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Media Bureau Commences Random EEO Audits for 2015.
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FCC Extends Deadline for Comments and Replies to MVPD Definition NPRM.   Extended Comment Filing Deadline: 3/3/15.   Extended Reply Comment Filing Deadline: 3/18/15.
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Freedom of Information Act for Request for Cable Television Price Survey Data.
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Canal Partners Media's Petition for Declaratory Ruling.  Comment Date: 3/2/15.  Reply Comment Date: 3/17/15.
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Commission Denies Tennis Channel Petition for Further Proceedings.
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FCC Upholds Grant of Christopher Falletti Application.
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Comment Dates Set for MVPD NPRM.  Comment Date: 2/17/15.  Reply Comment Date: 3/2/15.
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Nonbroadcast Network Rankings for Video Description Requirements.
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Media Bureau Grants Bloomberg's News Neighborhood Waiver Request.
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For more information pertaining to the Policy Division, please call:  (202) 418-2120.


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