Office of the Bureau Chief
The Media Bureau develops, recommends and administers the policy and licensing programs relating to electronic media, including cable television, broadcast television, and radio in the United States and its territories.  The Media Bureau also handles post-licensing matters regarding Direct Broadcast Satellite service.

Audio Division (including radio)
The Audio Division of the Media Bureau licenses commercial and noncommercial educational AM, FM, FM Translator, and FM Booster radio services, and also the noncommercial educational Low Power FM radio service.  The Division provides legal analysis of broadcast, technical, and engineering radio filings and recommends appropriate disposition of applications, requests for waivers, and other pleadings.

Engineering Division
The Engineering Division combined with the Media Bureau’s Industry Analysis Division in 2020. The functions, links, and contacts for the former Engineering Division are included in the Industry Analysis Division page and appear here.

Industry Analysis Division
The Industry Analysis Division conducts and participates in proceedings regarding media ownership and the economic aspects of existing and proposed rules and policies.  The Division reviews license transfers that implicate significant policy issues.  The Division collects, compiles, analyzes, and develops reports on relevant industry and market data and information, including preparing the annual report to Congress on the status of competition in the market for the delivery of video programming.  The Division conducts technical reviews of media related matters and processes MVPD Registration, Cable Television Relay Service (CARS) applications, special relief and show cause petitions involving technical matters, and requests for rulings on technical matters and requests for waivers of the rules.  The Division processes signal leakage performance reports filed by cable system operators, analyzes aeronautical frequency usage data and takes appropriate action to ensure compliance with FCC requirements.

Management and Resources Staff
The Management and Resources staff oversee the direction of Bureau-wide management and administrative programs, including personnel management, budget formulation and execution, information technology management, and administrative support services.

Policy Division
The Policy Division conducts proceedings concerning broadcast, cable, and post-licensing Direct Broadcast Satellite issues, including children’s television programming requirements, broadcaster market modification petitions, over-the-air-reception devices, access to programming and distribution platforms, and other related matters.  It also facilitates competition in the multichannel video programming marketplace by resolving carriage disputes and other complaints involving access to facilities.  Additionally, the Division oversees and provides guidance to industry on the FCC’s political broadcasting rules and manages proceedings pertaining to the accessibility of video programming.

Video Division (including TV)
The Video Division licenses commercial and noncommercial educational TV, Low Power TV, Class A TV and TV Translators broadcast services.  The Division provides legal and technical analysis of applications and recommends appropriate disposition of applications, requests for waivers and other pleadings.

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