What We Do

  • The Laboratory Division is responsible for the evaluation of radio frequency (RF) devices and related technologies to determine their interference risk potential and technical operating parameters in order to apply appropriate technical standards for their compliance or, in the case of new RF technologies, develop technical standards and recommend appropriate action.
  • The Laboratory Division supports rulemaking proceedings and conducts laboratory-based technical studies of competing technologies and arguments to assist the Commission in reviewing options.
  • The Laboratory Division designs test procedures for compliance of equipment subject to the Commission regulations and conducts tests to determine if equipment complies with applicable technical rules, procedures and standards; and it supports national and international standards activities to develop measurement procedures used to determine compliance with Commission requirements.
  • The Laboratory Division manages the Equipment Authorization program, which ensures that equipment marketed within the United States complies with Commission regulations designed to minimize the potential for harmful interference, and participates in international efforts to harmonize conformity assessment procedures for equipment authorization via Mutual Recognition Agreements.
  • The Laboratory staff publishes guidance documents on common procedures to demonstrate compliance to the Commission technical rules and responds to public requests for interpretations of the Commission rules regarding equipment authorization compliance testing, measurement procedures and standards via the Knowledge Database (KDB).

Contact Information

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