What We Do:

  • The Policy and Rules Division conducts proceedings to develop policy and rules with respect to spectrum allocation and use, equipment authorization, and unlicensed devices. The Division has taken the lead in making additional spectrum available for unlicensed operations in support of broadband services—e.g., TV white space devices operating on vacant channels in the television frequency bands and new WiFi channels in the 5 GHz UNII band—and opening other bands for a variety of unlicensed uses such as vehicular radar devices and wireless microphones.
  • Other projects have focused on making spectrum available for the introduction of new licensed services such as Medical Radio Communications Services, commercial space operations, Advanced Wireless Services, and new 600 MHz wireless services in repurposed spectrum in the TV bands via Incentive Auctions.
  • The Division maintains the Table of Frequency Allocations to reflect decisions taken at World Radio Conferences for the United States and Region II, as well as for other regions of the world. The Division also represents the Commission on NTIA’s Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) and coordinates Federal and non-Federal frequency assignments in shared frequency bands.