Q:  Why is the system giving the error “Cannot Log In” or “No Files Available with this FRN”?

A:  Many respondents try entering the FRN with leading zeros as required by Form 477.  For the Urban Rate Survey (URS), enter the FRN exactly as shown in the email informing you that you need to respond to the URS.  In most cases, this will exclude any leading zeros.

Q:  How can I see a list of questions in survey?

A. To see the URS questions without going through the survey, look at the Instructions, posted on the URS webpage.  These instructions show screenshots of the questions.  In addition, you can look at the template in the 4/3/13 Public Notice (PN).  However, please note that the questions and instructions presented in the PN have a slightly different format than in the online system.

Q:  What is a Study Area Code (SAC)?

A:  Many respondents do not have a SAC because they do not receive universal service funds.  This is an optional field that only those companies with a SAC should complete.

Q:  How were the Census tracts being surveyed determined? 

A:  The Census tracts surveyed were chosen through a random sampling of Form 477 submissions. 

Q:  I don’t offer telephone service in that Census tract.  Why are you asking about my rates there?

A:  The Census tracts for your company were selected from the group of tracts that your company indicated had subscribers in its Form 477 subscription data.  If you do not provide service to the Census tracts listed, you will need to do two things.  First, certify that there are no such customers in the Urban Rates Survey system by logging in to the system according to the instructions and then checking the box indicating that your company does not provide service in the Census tract.  You will not enter any rates but will need to certify your submission.  (How to do this is explained further in the Instructions.)  Second, you must correct your Form 477 data.  FCC rules require that Form 477 data be accurate and that carriers have a continuing obligation to correct their submissions.

Q:  How do I delete a broadband service?

A:  Click on the link for the service you want to delete.  When the “Broadband Service Offered” page displays, you will see a “Delete” button at the bottom.  Click the “Delete” button.  You then will be asked to confirm that you want to delete that service.  Click “OK” and it will take you back to the survey list page and that service should be gone.

Q:  The fixed broadband survey asks for purchase and lease prices for modems (if required for service).  If there are multiple modem purchase/lease options available, (e.g. basic modem vs. wi-fi), should all options be shown on the survey?  If so, how is this accomplished?

A:  For non-recurring charges such as the modem, you only need to report the minimum non-discounted/non-promotional price.  That is, report the minimum price for the basic product a customer would need to use the broadband service.

Q:  If our broadband rates either include all taxes, fees, et al. (i.e., not line itemized) or we don’t pass these costs through to the customers, do we have to break anything out for taxes, fees, et al. for this survey?

A:  Break out the un-itemized taxes and fees by subtraction.  Since you know what the taxes and fees are, please take the total amount charged to the customer and remove any taxes and fees to get the recurring monthly charge. 

Q:  Do I have to respond to this survey if my company is not an ETC or my company does not receive high-cost universal service funds?

A:  The survey includes all types of providers, including ILECs, CLECs, cable companies, and other voice and broadband providers.  This survey is not limited to ETC or high-cost loop recipients.

Friday, January 10, 2014