1006.3Policy for Use of Auction Funds
1013.4Audit Follow-up
1036.4Administrative Control of Funds
1038.1FCC Funding Holds Directive
1040.4Prompt Payment Procedures
1053.5Project Time Reporting and Cost Allocation
1058.4CORES/FCC Registration Number
1059.5Communicating Spectrum Auction Events that have Financial Recording and Reporting Impact
1064.5Debt Collection
1073.4Ratification of Unauthorized Commitments
1074.2Interagency Agreements
1097.5Use of Federal Government Purchase Card for Small Purchases
1110.4Records Management Program
1111.2Essential Records Program
1112.2FCC Paperwork Reduction Act Program
1113.1FCC Privacy Act Manual
1114.2FCC Directives System
1115.2Electronic Mail Records Retention
1116.2FCC Forms Management Program
1126.5Federal Advisory Committees
1131.2FCC Information Security Program
1133.2FCC Insider Threat Program
1135.3FCC Personnel Security and Suitability
1137.3Monitoring and Recording of Telephone or Video Conversations
1139.1Management of Non-Public Information
1157.5Forfeiture Tracking, Collections and Follow-up Systems
1158.4Regulatory Flexibility Act
1179.4Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
1194.4Management of FCC Motor Vehicles
1195.2Policies on Text Messaging While Driving
1440.1Official Use of Social Media by FCC Bureaus, Offices, and Staff
1461.2FCC Information Technology Equipment
1479.7FCC Cyber Security and Privacy Program
1480.2Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Policy
1481.1Enterprise Risk Management
1482.1Real Property Asset Management