In accordance with the Convention (Paragraph No. 246D) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva, Switzerland, ten criteria have been established by the FCC, the NTIA, and the U.S. Department of State for use in determining what international radiocommunication issues have “policy or regulatory” implication. The criteria are used for determination within the United States of the method by which draft ITU radiocommunication study questions and recommendations are processed.


  1. Questions and Recommendations leading to ITU-R Radio Regulations. This category includes Questions with a categorization of C1 or C2 as defined in Resolution ITU-R 5, and any Question or Recommendation that is linked to a world radiocommunication conference agenda item.
  2. Questions and Recommendations concerned with sharing, sharing criteria and interference calculation methods. Because spectrum sharing, whether between systems or services, potentially has international spectrum implications, any issue dealing with spectrum sharing or compatibility, including those of a scientific nature, has policy or regulatory implications. Examples of such issues include propagation, spectrum parameter measurement, and emission modelling.
  3. Questions and Recommendations that address performance and/or availability and degradations due to interference. These provide the basis for interference criteria used in sharing studies.
  4. Questions and Recommendations addressing reference radiation patterns, and the characteristics of emitting systems or the emissions themselves. These provide basic information for calculations of the interference between systems and services in either shared or unshared frequency bands, e.g. considering spurious or out-of-band emissions.
  5. Questions and Recommendations addressing allotment or channel arrangements. These aspects of spectrum use impact spectrum efficiency and therefore the availability of spectrum on a national and international basis.
  6. Questions and Recommendations that address issues between different services. Issues between or among services in the radiocommunication domain are ones related to shared use of the spectrum.
  7. Questions and Recommendations pertaining to governmental management functions. Issues related to spectrum management, spectrum monitoring, maritime and other stations' numbering, and call signs are related to governmental functions.
  8. Questions and Recommendations regarding national radiocommunication policies of Administrations. Any Question or Recommendation that suggests administrations take some action necessarily places those issues into the policy or regulatory arena.
  9. Questions and Recommendations relating to emitting equipment standards. Such standards impact spectrum efficiency and therefore the availability of spectrum on a national and on an international basis.
  10. Questions and Recommendations for which there is doubt concerning their scope.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015