FCCJobs is a web based recruitment system that allows employees and outside job seekers to apply for job opportunities online. The system electronically qualifies, rates, and ranks applicants and quickly produces a list of best qualified candidates shortly after the vacancy announcement closes. The system enhances our ability to provide prompt feedback to applicants and to make speedier selections. This system significantly improves our competitiveness in the job market and is imperative to our ability to reach top talent.

A simple registration process allows you to apply for positions online via the Internet. You can create, archive and edit your resume in the system. Using FCCJobs you can elect to be notified by email about specific job opportunities of interest to you. It’s fast and easy to browse and select interesting jobs for which you are interested in applying. You can begin your search by clicking on the “Button” or clicking here FCCJobs.

Please note that FCCJobs is now integrated with the US Office of Personnel Management's USAJobs website, which is the Federal Government's official source for all federal jobs. Once you leave the FCC’s homepage you will be on the system which is maintained by the OPM.