Frequently Asked Questions on:

How will my application be rated?

Your responses to the job-specific questions are the basis for a numerical rating calculated by the system, in accordance with a built-in rating and ranking scheme. Qualified candidates will be assigned a score between 70 and 100 not including points that may be assigned for veterans’ preference. Your answers will be verified against information provided in your application and/or by reference checks. If a determination is made that you have rated yourself higher than is apparent in your description of experience and/or education OR that your application is incomplete, it may affect your eligibility. You should make a fair and accurate assessment of your qualifications.

Is my information rated instantly?

Yes. However, the rating will not be final until the closing date of the vacancy announcement. You may change your responses until midnight, Eastern time, of the closing date.

What if someone lies?

This is bound to happen in any system or application process. Intentional falsification may be grounds for not hiring, for disbarment from Federal employment, or for dismissal after you begin work. The HR Specialist will determine the best-qualified candidates based on a review of each resume and the responses to the questions. If an applicant misrepresents themselves or their background, it will be discovered through verification of the information provided in their resume and/or during the interview process. If an applicant’s answers to the questions seem over-inflated or consistently inaccurate, the HR Specialist will go back to the selecting official to ensure that the questions used are properly worded to elicit the kind of specific information desired.

If I am not selected for a position, who should I contact to find out why?

If you are found ineligible for a particular position, you will automatically receive an email from the HR Specialist explaining why you were ruled ineligible. You may contact that HR Specialist for further explanation if you wish. You will also be notified if you are found eligible but not among the best qualified or if you were among the best qualified, referred to the selecting official, but not selected. If you need additional information regarding the status of your application please contact the HR Specialist.

Does the system rate my resume?

No. The system rates you based on the responses to the job-specific questions. Your resume and any free text responses to the questions will be used to corroborate your answers to the job-specific questions, as well as provide additional information to the HR Specialist and selecting official.

Will I receive my rating via email?

No. The email you receive will only contain your responses to the questions for the vacancy you applied to. Your rating is determined by the system through the rating scheme for the position you applied for, and in accordance with the questions asked and response levels set in the system. These response levels make up the crediting plan for the position advertised, and are covered by the Freedom of Information Act as not releasable to applicants.