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These report presents data from FCC Form 492, in which carriers report the rates of return earned on assets allocated to the interstate jurisdiction. Included are overall rates of return for price-cap companies since 1991.

Detailed data for 2002-2003. Released 07/04. PDF | ZIP
Detailed data for 2001-2002. Released 05/03. PDF | ZIP
Detailed data for 1999-2000. Released 05/01 and 10/01. PDF | ZIP
Detailed data for 1998-1999. Released 04/00. PDF | ZIP
Detailed data for 1997-1998. Released 05/99. PDF | ZIP
Detailed data for 1996-1997. Released 05/98. PDF | ZIP
Detailed data for 1985-1996. Annual and biennial reports, with first report covering the 10/01/85-12/31/86 monitoring period. PDF | ZIP

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