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This reference page for Measuring Broadband America provides information on the methodology used for the Report's statistical analysis of the tabulated test results. The reference material provided by this page will appeal most to those trained in statistics seeking more specifics of how the averages contained in the Report were developed.


Statistical Averages


Excel workbook of tabulated test results data. Contains the tabular test data from the validated March 2011 test results data. A full range of statistical measures for each test is given.

Why We Provide It

This is the comprehensive analysis of all tests conducted within this study comprising test results contained within the report and additional tests described but not presented in the report. Researchers can use this data to do further analysis of broadband performance in the United States.

Additional Information

See the section on methodology, exclusions and scripts for more information on how the statistical analysis was performed and how the data set was processed.



Analytic Methodology


This paper describes in detail how each test was performed and how data accumulated from each test was processed to produce this report.

Why We Provide It

We provide this paper to facilitate accurate critiquing of this report and to allow easier comparison with data obtained with other methods.



Excluded Units


A listing of units excluded from the statistical analysis with brief notations as to why.

Why We Provide It

This list is provided for transparency and identifies those units that were excluded from the validated March results used for the statistical analysis. Test results from the excluded units are contained in the Raw Bulk Data files (published soon).



Analytic Scripts


Scripts used to prepare the validated March 2011 data for statistical analysis.

Why We Provide It

This script, an SPS syntax file, is provided for full transparency and to facilitate researchers in examining the data. It describes the manipulation of source data for processing by the statistical software package, SPS.