Mission:  The Operations and Emergency Management Division (OEM) helps maintain the readiness of the Federal Communications Commission to respond to threats and emergencies, conducts and coordinates incident management activities, and supports public safety and national security initiatives.

OEM's Primary Operations: 

  • FCC Operations Center:  The Operations Center provides a 24 x 7 watch and reporting capability to the Commission.
  •  High Frequency Direction Finding Center (HFDF):  The HFDF Center resolves HF interference cases, supports law enforcement partners, performs homeland security and regulatory activities, and serve as the centralizing office for HF interference.
  • Plans and Programs Branch:  The Plans and Programs Branch coordinates continuity testing, training, and exercises across the Commission and develops plans that support FCC preparedness against all hazards.
  • Incident Response Team:  OEM has full-time dedicated staff responsible for conducting and supporting emergency response activities, including coordinating intra-agency, activities to identify and restore critical communications infrastructure.   OEM also maintains a liaison with the Department of Homeland Security to support broader response efforts under the National Response Framework.

OEM Policy:  OEM promotes policy objectives that increase the resilience of communications infrastructure in order to support life saving, life sustaining, and national security communications.  Policy areas include:

  • National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • National Level Exercises (NLEs)
  • Priority Services
    • Telecommunication Services Priority Program (TSP)
    • The Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)
    • Wireless Priority Service (WPS)

OEM Contact Information:

  • FCC 24/7 Operations Center


Regional Liaisons:

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