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Mission:  The Operations and Emergency Management Division (OEMD) ensures the readiness of the Federal Communications Commission to respond to threats and emergencies; conducts and coordinates risk and incident management activities; and supports public safety and national security initiatives.

OEM's Primary Operations: 

Conducts 24/7/365 operations in support of safety-of-life, national security, communications sector situational awareness, and incident response through two operations centers:

  • FCC Operations Center The Operations Center provides a 24 x 7 ability to identify issues impacting public safety communications and initiate appropriate Commission action.
  • High Frequency Direction Finding (HFDF) Center The HFDF Center resolves HF interference cases, supports law enforcement partners, performs homeland security and regulatory activities, and serves as the centralizing office for HF interference.

Leads Commission preparedness, coordination, and operations responsibilities in the wake of disasters, emergencies, and events of national security significance.

Employs a diverse and experienced team of subject matter experts who provide legal guidance and perform technical operations in support of interagency and State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial government national security and public safety risk and incident management efforts.

Raises FCC leadership awareness of homeland and national security risks, and makes recommendations measures to help manage that risk.

Manages the FCC Continuity Program to ensure the Commission’s ability to perform the functions vital to an enduring government and the availability of nationwide and international communications under all conditions.

Assesses and evaluates the status of communications services and infrastructure through Over-The-Air (OTA observations and analysis by OEMD’s Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis Response Team (SMART).

Coordinates with the Department of Homeland Security on the following critical national security and emergency preparedness priority communications programs:


OEM Contact Information:

  • FCC 24/7 Operations Center
  • Management:
    • Justin Cain,
      Division Chief
    • Shawn Cochran,
      Deputy Chief
    • Michael Connelly
      Deputy Chief
    • William Kang
      Deputy Chief
      Mark Stadnicki,
      Operations Center Director
    • James Pierson,
      Associate Division Chief, Geolocation & Analysis (HFDF Center)
  • FCC Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Groups (RECCWGs) Lead:
Friday, June 7, 2024