The Policy and Licensing Division develops and administers rules, regulations, and policies to support public safety entities - including law enforcement, fire and emergency medical first responders, Public Safety Answering Points, and emergency operations organizations - to protect the welfare of life and property and to safeguard the nation’s security.  The Division’s portfolio includes:

  • Public safety licensing, modifications, renewals and adjudications in frequencies below 470 MHz, 470-512 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 4.9 GHz and 5.9 GHz under Part 90 of the Commission’s rules, and the microwave bands under Part 101
  • 911/Enhanced 911/Next Generation 911
  • Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
  • Operability and interoperability for public safety communications and FirstNet
  • Intra- and interagency coordination on spectrum management, homeland security and disaster management
  • Cross-border spectrum and frequency use agreements with Canada and Mexico

Policy and Licensing Division Leadership Team:

  • John A. Evanoff
    Division Chief
  • Brenda Boykin
    Deputy Chief (911)
  • David Sieradzki
    Deputy Chief
  • Tracy Simmons
    Licensing Branch Chief