Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau (CGB)

Quarterly Inquiries & Complaints Reports - These reports track consumer inquiries and complaints processed by CGB each quarter. Inquiries are defined as correspondence or communications received at the Commission from individuals seeking information on matters under the FCC’s jurisdiction. Informal consumer complaints are defined as a communication received at CGB’s consumer centers either via postal mail, fax, email or telephone from or on behalf of an individual that: (i) identifies a particular entity under the FCC’s jurisdiction; (ii) alleges harm or injury; and (iii) seeks relief.

International Bureau (IB)

Annual Circuit Status Report - The Commission prepares an annual report that shows the use of U.S.-international facilities by U.S. carriers for international telephone calls, private line services and other services from the United States. The report is based upon data filed by U.S. carriers and shows the number of activated 64 Kpbs equivalent circuits used by the carriers. It relies on information provided by U.S. facilities-based international common carriers and covers U.S. undersea cables, satellites and terrestrial links. It identifies the activated (in-service) and idle (available, but not in-service) circuits for each international point as of the end of each calendar year.
Annual International Telecommunications Data - This report is an annual report which captures traffic between the United States and other countries for international message telephone, private line, and miscellaneous services on a country-by-country basis. The data are compiled from reports submitted to the FCC by U.S. carriers pursuant to section 43.61(a) of the Commission's rules. International billed minutes, revenues, payouts, and receipts are contained in the annual report. Also contained in the publication are world total statistics for international pure resale providers. The information is used in the U.S. government to support policies and in the telecommunications industry for facilities planning.
Satellite Competition Report - This new report will provide an annual assessment of the state of competition in markets for domestic and international satellite services.
Trends in the International Telecommunications Industry - This report traces the development and trend of the international telecommunications industry. It consists of 31 statistical tables and 15 figures. Although the majority of the tables covers recent trends, also included is historical information as far back as 1980. Much of the information contained in these statiscal trends are from the Commission's annual international traffic releases. This report compares trend information for 40 selected countries and 10 regions of the world. Also included are rate information and statistics on prepaid calling card. Individual carrier information as well as share information can also be found in this report.

Media Bureau (MB)

Media Reports on the Cable Industry - This page provides links to Annual Assessments of the Status of Competition in the Market for the Delivery of Video Programming (MVPD Competition Reports), Annual Reports on Cable Industry Prices, and Periodic Reviews of the Radio Industry.

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB)

Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) Competition Reports - The FCC's Annual Reports to Congress on the state of competition in the commercial wireless – or Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) – industry.

Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB)

Analyses and Data on the Telecommunications Industry - The WCB Industry Analysis and Technology Division's economic, financial, and statistical analyses of the common carrier telecommunications industry. This page provides links to reports on the following topics: Statistical Trends in Telephony, Local and Long Distance Telephone Industries, Local Telephone Competition and Broadband Deployment, Statistics of Communications Common Carriers, Telephone Industry Infrastructure and Service Quality, Federal-State Joint Board Monitoring Reports, National Exchange Carrier Association and Universal Service Administrative Company Data, International Traffic Data, and Telephone Numbering Facts.