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The Commission Registration System (CORES) Video Tutorials page is a resource dedicated to helping people navigate the Updated CORES system. The video tutorials shown below were created to help guide CORES users through a variety of situations; such as, creating an FCC Registration Number (FRN), linking multiple FRNs to a single account, and resetting a password. Please note that the video tutorials on this page are only applicable to the Updated CORES system.

Getting Started With the New CORES:

An overview of how the FCC has enhanced how users can register and manage an FCC Registration Number–necessary for doing business with the FCC.

How to Register an FRN:

Once logged in, a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the Commission Registration System.

Associating an FRN to a Username:

Instruction on how legacy CORES users can to link an FRN to one or more username.

Managing FRNs:

More details on how to manage FRNs, including how to add or remove additional users and how to establish levels of permission.

Resetting a Legacy FRN Password:

Instruction on how to reset a legacy password.

Incentive Auctions Reimbursement Form 1876

Instructions on how to create, update, and print an FCC Form 1876.