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The Commission’s payment processing system, which is accessible through the Commission’s Registration System (CORES), enables users to submit a variety of FCC fees for payment. Certain fees are automatically found based upon the FRN (FCC registration number) you use to log in, such as pre-billed annual regulatory fees, delinquent fees, ULS fees, and other outstanding bills. CORES is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To use CORES, you first need to register with the FCC at https://apps2.fcc.gov/fccUserReg/pages/login.htm. Once your FCC user name is registered and verified, access CORES and select the option to associate your existing FRN to that user name.

Use the CORES Payment System To Pay Regulatory Fees

  • Pay quickly and accurately online by credit card or debit from a bank account.
  • Electronically submit a large volume of fees, with no paper filing for online payments.
  • Save your fee information and then easily access your information later when you return.
  • Monitor the status of your payment.

Use the CORES Payment System To Pay Bills

  • Pay quickly and accurately online by credit card for any outstanding bills payable to the FCC (except pre-billed annual regulatory fees, which must be paid using the regulatory fees option).
  • View bill numbers and amounts due for any outstanding bills payable to the FCC.

Universal Licensing System

If paying fees for an application filed via the Universal Licensing System, select the ULS Fees option in the CORES Payment System.

Use the CORES Payment System To Pay Other Application Fees

Pay fees online for electronically filed applications (via CDBS, COALS, ECFS, ETFS, IBFS or OET).

Special Information For Online Credit Card Payers

The U.S. Treasury now rejects the processing of credit card transactions greater than $24,999. This limit includes multiple transactions on the same credit card totaling more than this limit in a single day. If you need to pay $25,000 or more, you should use a check, debit card, or wire transfer.

Requirements for Filing Online

To use the CORES Payment System, filers will need the following:

  • Internet Browser - Users must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Chrome, or Firefox 3.6 or higher, with SSL and JavaScript enabled.
  • FCC Usernames - FCC usernames are now used to manage FRNs in CORES.
  • FCC Registration Number (FRN) - The FRN is essential to tracking financial details in CORES and protecting privacy of filers. The FRN must be associated to your FCC username, with the permission to “view financial information” selected when accessing the system. This process happens automatically whenever a new FRN is created in CORES. If you registered your FRN in a previous version of CORES, you will need to manually associate the FRN to your FCC username.

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