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With the start of the first-ever incentive auction less than 90 days away, consumers and other interested parties nationwide want to better understand what this auction means for them. So that the public is fully informed, today we unveil a new informational website for the incentive auction

The website includes a range of materials that explain why the Commission is conducting the auction, how the auction can benefit the public, how the process works, and what consumers will need to do to continue enjoying over-the-air television stations once the auction concludes.

The new site also features a “Frequently Asked Questions” section for consumers, a calendar of key dates and events, a “Resources” page where the public can easily find key incentive auction decisions and documents, and detailed primers on the reverse and forward auctions. For potential participants, we’ve also provided a link to the FCC’s official incentive auction (Auction 1000) page from which they can access the application form, tutorials, and related information. 

The Task Force will update the site as new information becomes available. The site will also serve as a key component of the Commission’s post-auction consumer education efforts to ensure a smooth transition for over-the-air TV viewers. We invite you to visit the website and welcome your comments and questions.