Hospital Robocall Protection Group Meeting

10:00 am - 3:00 pm EST
Remotely via live internet link

Notice of this meeting was published in the Federal Register on October 28, 2020. The meeting took place via video conference and was publicly available via the Internet at

The TRACED Act provides that the HRPG must issue recommended best practices regarding the following: (1) How voice service providers can better combat unlawful robocalls made to hospitals; (2) How hospitals can better protect themselves from such calls, including by using unlawful robocall mitigation techniques; and (3) How the Federal Government and State governments can help combat such calls. Accordingly, three working groups were established to address these specifically enumerated TRACED Act tasks.

At this final meeting, the HRPG was briefed by the HRPG working groups on their respective recommendations for the best practices as required by the TRACED Act, after which the full HRPG voted on those recommendations.

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Donna Cyrus
Designated Federal Officer
(202) 418-7325

Aliza Katz
Deputy Designated Federal Officer
(202) 418-1737