Seventh Meeting of WRC-23 Advisory Committee

11:00 am - 3:00 pm EDT
Commission Meeting Room, FCC Headquarters, 45 L Street NE, Washington, DC 20554


Public Notice

The Advisory Committee’s objective is to provide the FCC with advice, technical support and recommended proposals for WRC-23.

WAC# Document
 WAC_23_068 April 11 Agenda
 WAC_23_069 Minutes from the Sixth Meeting
 WAC_23_070 Timeline
 WAC_23_071 IWG-1 AI 1.7 (VHF AMS(R)S): Document IWG-1_059r2a AI 1.7 Proposal (03.22.23)
 WAC_23_072 IWG-1 AI 1.9 (Wideband HF): Document IWG-1 _ 067_AI 1.9 Proposal (03.22.23)
 WAC_23_073 IWG-1 AI 8 (Modifications to No. 5.934): Document IWG-1_068r1_Proposal on RR No. 5.394 (03.24.23)
 WAC_23_074 IWG-1 View on AI 1.11 Issues A and B: Document IWG-1_070_View _NTIA _AI 1.11 A and B (23.03.24)
 WAC_23_075 IWG-1 View on AI 2.1 and AI 2.10 of the Preliminary Agenda for WRC-27: Document IWG-1_069_View_WRC-27 AI 2.1 and 2.10 (23.03.24)
 WAC_23_076 IWG-2_072_r1AI 1_1_draft_proposal_ViewA_ViewB
 WAC_23_077 IWG-2_073r2_AI 1_2_10_GHz_draft_proposal_View_A_View_B
 WAC_23_078 IWG-2_074r2_AI10_IMT_draft_proposal_View_A_View_B_ViewC
 WAC_23_079 IWG-2_075r2_WRC_27_1300MHz_draft_proposal_View_A_View_B
 WAC_23_080 IWG-2_076_Prelimary_WRC_27_agenda_feedback
 WAC_23_081 IWG-3 AI 1.12 IWG-3_068_A1.12
 WAC_23_082 IWG-3 AI 1.13 View A &B
 WAC_23_083 IWG-3 AI 1.14 IWG-3_70_r2 
 WAC_23_084 IWG-3 AI 1.15 View A&B (final)
 WAC_23_085 IWG-3 AI 1.16 IWG-3_43R3.3
 WAC_23_086 IWG-3 AI 1.17 View A & B 
 WAC_23_087 IWG-3 AI 9.1A IWG-3_0676r1_AI 1.12 
 WAC_23_088 IWG-3 FAI 2.2 QV ESIM View A&B IWG-3_071_073(VIEW A/VIEW B)
 WAC_23_089 IWG-3 FAI 10 2.3&2.7 IWG-3_092 (23.03.21)
 WAC_23_090 IWG-3 FAI 10 2.4&2.5 IWG-3_086
 WAC_23_091 IWG-3 FAI 10 2.6 SpaceWeather IWG-3_077r1
 WAC_23_092 IWG-3 FAI 2.8 IWG-3_059 (23.01.31)
 WAC_23_093 IWG-3 Views on NTIA Proposal
 WAC_23_094 IWG-3 AI 10 IWG-3_058R6_CbandISS
 WAC_23_095 IWG-3 AI10 Add’l MSS allocations IWG-3_64r3
 WAC_23_096 IWG-3 AI10 EPFD Study View A&B IWG-3_80R1
 WAC_23_097 IWG-3 AI 10 Lunar Comms View A & B
 WAC_23_098 IWG-4/048R2 (SUP Res. 160 proposal) AI4
 WAC_23_099 IWG-4/064  (No IWG-4 position on NTIA proposals to SUP Res. 75 and Res. 161) AI4
 WAC_23_100 IWG-4/060R1 (Topic A: View A/View B) AI7
 WAC_23_101 IWG-4/053R1 (Topic B: endorsement of NTIA proposal) AI7
 WAC_23_102 IWG-4/058 (Topic C: endorsement of NTIA proposal) AI7
 WAC_23_103 IWG-4/043R3 (Topic D2 proposal) AI7
 WAC_23_104 IWG-4/044R3 (Topic D3 proposal) AI7
 WAC_23_105 IWG-4/061R1 (Topic J: View A/View B) AI7
 WAC_23_106 IWG-4/065 (No IWG-4 position on NTIA proposal to MOD No. 5.394) AI8
 WAC_23_107 Letter, 9 January 2023, WRC-23 1.17_7 topic B_7 topic D2_7 Topic J.
 WAC_23_108 Letter, 28 February 2023, WRC-23 1.11_7 topic C. 
 WAC_23_109 Letter, 15 March 2023 WRC-23 4 8 and 10 V2 
 WAC_23_110 Letter, 21 March 2023 WRC-23 proposals_1.13 7 Topic A and 10WAC
WAC_23_111 Draft proposal Agenda Item 9.1 issue b
WAC_23_112 Draft proposal Agenda Item 1.3


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