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The FCC transitioned to its new Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) on June 20, 2016. The legacy system is no longer available. All documents that were in the legacy system are now available in the new system.

Saved links (bookmarks or favorites) to documents and proceedings may need to be adjusted. 

Legacy system RSS (Really Simple Syndication) subscriptions are no longer available and need to be recreated using the new ECFS

Setting up an RSS Feed

You can monitor ECFS for new postings automatically using RSS feeds available from within ECFS.

Many RSS Feed readers are available; some are standalone apps, some work from directly within your favorite browser. Below are instructions for creating a feed directly in Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Search

    The first step is to define the set of results you want to monitor. The two ways to do this are to:

    • Perform a search for filings
    • Select a docket number from the Most Popular Proceedings (Hot Dockets) on the home page (this is the easiest way to monitor for new filings in a particular docket).

  2. Get the RSS Link

    From the results listing page, right-click on the RSS icon at the right of the View Options. Select Copy Link Address (menu options will differ, depending on your browser).

  3. Add a Feed to your Reader

    If you are using a dedicated feed reader, you can paste the link from Step 2 into the New Feed URL. If you are using Outlook, open Outlook and continue to the next step.

  4. Select the File Menu from Outlook

    Click on the File menu in the top left of your Outlook window.

  5. Go to Account Settings

    Click the Account Settings button, and select the Account Settings option from the dropdown menu.

  6. Create a New Feed

    A popup window will appear. Select the RSS Feeds tab at the top, and click on the New… button.

  7. Paste in the Feed URL

    When prompted, paste in the feed link that you saved by pressing <CTRL>-V on your keyboard. Click the Add button.

  8. Name the Feed

    Give the Feed a name that makes sense to you, and click Ok.

  9. Read the Feed

    Under the RSS Subscriptions section of your Outlook Left-side Nav Bar, you should now see your new feed. Outlook will periodically update you whenever there are new filings matching your search.

  10. Remove the Feed

    You can add as many RSS Feeds as you’d like. When you no longer want to follow a feed, you can remove it by right-clicking on the feed and selecting Delete Folder from the menu.


For more deatils on creating a new RSS feed, see Appendix B of the ECFS User Guide.



Friday, June 17, 2016