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Download Tip Sheet (PDF)  

PSAPs can report problems, provide updates, and submit questions related to 911 service quickly and easily using the FCC’s Public Safety Support Center (PSSC) web form.  Here are some of the issues you can report:

  • 911 services outages
  • Fraudulent or spoofed 911 calls
  • Missing or inaccurate location information accompanying a call
  • Text-to-911 service issues
  • Carrier lines of demarcation issues  

You can also use the web form to provide updates to the FCC’s master PSAP registry and submit general questions related to 911 service.  FCC staff works promptly to review and address all requests and issues.


Submit a Report: Go to https://www.fcc.gov/general/public-safety-support-center in your browser (bookmark the page for easy access);

  1. Scroll down and click on “Public Safety Reporting”.

    PSSC Tip 1
  2. From the drop-down menu, select “Public Safety Request” and enter your email address.

    PSSC Tip 2
  3. Under “User Affiliation”, use the drop-down menu to select “Public Safety Answering Point/Public safety entity”, then select your “Request type”.

    PSSC Tip 3               PSSC Tip 4


Still Need Help?  Contact the FCC’s 24/7 Operations Center at (202) 418-1122.




Tuesday, April 13, 2021