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Report Outages - File Requests
Ask Questions - Check Status of Requests
Provide Feedback on Alerting Tests

The Public Safety Support Center enables Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), also known as 911 Call Centers, and other Public Safety entities, to request support from the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau and notify it of problems or issues impacting the provision of emergency services. (Public Notice) (Tip Sheet)


Alerting Test Feedback

Members of the public may provide feedback on specific alerting tests using the link below:



Public Safety Reporting, Requests & Inquiries

PSAPs and other Public Safety entities wishing to submit notifications of service outages, complaints related to carrier provision of location information, and register issues or submit inquiries regarding PSAP or Public Safety operations or FCC rules and regulations, please use the link below:

  • 911 Service Outage
  • Phase 1/Phase 2 Deployments
  • Location Accuracy
  • Text-to-911 Service
  • Fraudulent/Non-Service Initialized 911 Calls
  • PSAP-Carrier Lines of Demarcation
  • Request an Update to Master PSAP Registry
  • Tower Lighting Outages
  • Other



Public Safety Interference Complaints

Interference to a telecommunications service used by public safety entities, first responders, police, fire, law enforcement or a federal agency, please use the link below:



Consumer Reporting Complaints

Consumers wishing to file inquiries and complaints related to disability-related accessibility issues, 911 service and other emergency communications issues, please use the link below to be directed to the FCC's Consumer Complaint Center.



Contacting the FCC

Other channels listed below are also available for PSAPs, other Public Safety entities, and the public to provide information to the FCC on service outages and related issues:


Emergency Issues (24/7):
Phone: (202) 418-1122 FCC's Operations Center

Non-Emergency Public Safety or Licensing Issues:
Monday-Friday, 8AM-6PM ET, except Federal holidays
Phone: (877) 480-3201
TTY: (717) 338-2824