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Robocall Mitigation Database

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires all voice service providers to file certifications in the Robocall Mitigation Database regarding their efforts to fight illegal robocalls on their networks.  Unwanted calls—including illegal and spoofed robocalls—are the FCC’s top consumer complaint and a top consumer protection priority.  The FCC is cracking down on illegal calls in a variety of ways.

Through the Robocall Mitigation Database, voice service providers must certify whether and to what extent they have implemented the STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication framework.  Many voice service providers implement caller ID authentication throughout their networks.  Those that do not must certify that they are implementing robocall mitigation practices and detail in the database the specific reasonable steps they are taking to avoid originating illegal robocall traffic.  Consequences for failing to file a certification are steep:  (1) the FCC may fine providers that fail to file, and (2) other providers may not accept call traffic directly from a voice service provider that is not listed in the Robocall Mitigation Database beginning on September 28, 2021.  The FCC established the Robocall Mitigation Database as a part of its implementation of the December 2019 Pallone-Thune Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence (TRACED) Act. 

You may review submitted filings in the Robocall Mitigation Database, and you may search the database for filings or download a .CSV file of all filings from the Robocall Mitigation Database welcome page

Information for Filers:  Voice service providers were obligated to submit certifications via the filing portal no later than June 30, 2021.  Additional filers should review detailed instructions and screenshots prior to filing.  If you believe there are errors with the content or function of the database, or if you require special assistance with submitting a filing, please email FCC staff at RobocallMitigationDatabase@FCC.gov.