In July 2005, Congress adopted and President Bush signed into law the Communications Satellite Act—Amendment (Pub. L. No. 109-34, 119 Stat. 377) which amended the Communications Satellite Act of 1962 (47 U.S.C. § 701 et seq.). Section 4 of the amended Act requires the FCC to submit to Congress an annual report that analyzes the competitive market conditions with respect to domestic and international satellite communications services. On March 26, 2007, the Commission released the First Satellite Competition Report which covered the 2001-2006 calendar years. On October 16, 2008, the Commission released the Second Satellite Competition Report which covered the 2007 calendar year. On December 13, 2011, the Commission released the Third Satellite Competition Report which covered the 2008-20010 calendar years. The International Bureau is preparing to release a public notice that will solicit comments for the Fourth Satellite Competition Report. The Reports and related information may be found at the “Historical Documents” link on the left.

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Public Notice: International Bureau Invites Comment for Fourth Annual Report to Congress on Status of Competition in the Satellite Services Industry (even though the title refers to the “Fourth Annual Report” this was the public notice for the Third Annual Report).

Third Annual Report And Analysis Of Competitive Market Conditions With Respect To Domestic And International Satellite Communications Services

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