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Submarine Cable Landing License Applications

To land or operate a submarine cable in the United States, submarine cable operators must obtain a cable landing license from the FCC.  The FCC’s International Bureau, Telecommunications and Analysis Division (TAD) issues licenses to own and operate submarine cables and associated landing stations in the United States pursuant to the Commission’s authority under the Cable Landing License Act of 1921 and Executive Order No. 10530.  Before granting the application, the FCC coordinates with the Department of State and any other agencies, as needed.

Information regarding pending applications for new cable landing licenses or renewals that the International Bureau has reviewed and placed on the Accepted for Filing Public Notice (AFF PN) can be found at Pending Submarine Cable Applications.

Information regarding cable landing licenses granted as of 2016 can be found at Submarine Cable Landing Licenses Granted.

Additional information on submarine cable applications and related Commission actions can be found at International Bureau Electronic Filing System (MYIBFS). To view the status or other information regarding a specific applicant or licensee, you can enter the file number in the search bar (“Quick Search”) and select the “File Number” option.

Information and instructions on filing an application can be found at Submarine Cable Landing Licenses.