U.S. Preliminary Views & Draft Proposals

Item # Agenda Item Information Preliminary Views Draft Proposals
1 on the basis of proposals from administrations, taking account of the results of WRC 03 and the Report of the Conference Preparatory Meeting, and with due regard to the requirements of existing and future services in the bands under consideration, to consider and take appropriate action with respect to the following items:    
1.1 requests from administrations to delete their country footnotes or to have their country name deleted from footnotes, if no longer required, in accordance with Resolution 26 (Rev.WRC 97); Word  
1.2 to consider allocations and regulatory issues related to the Earth exploration-satellite (passive) service, space research (passive) service and the meteorological satellite service in accordance with Resolutions 746 (WRC 03) and 742 (WRC 03); Word Acrobat
1.3 in accordance with Resolution 747 (WRC 03), consider upgrading the radiolocation service to primary allocation status in the bands 9 000-9 200 MHz and 9 300-9 500 MHz and extending by up to 200MHz the existing primary allocations to the Earth exploration-satellite service (EESS) (active) and the space research service (SRS) (active) in the band 9 500-9 800 MHz without placing undue constraint on the services to which the bands are allocated; Word Acrobat  Acrobat
1.4 to consider frequency-related matters for the future development of IMT 2000 and systems beyond IMT 2000 taking into account the results of ITU R studies in accordance with Resolution 228 ( Rev.WRC 03); Word Acrobat
1.5 to consider spectrum requirements and possible additional spectrum allocations for aeronautical telecommand and high bit-rate aeronautical telemetry, in accordance with Resolution 230 (WRC 03); Word Acrobat  Acrobat
1.6 to consider additional allocations for the aeronautical mobile (R) service in parts of the bands between 108 MHz and 6 GHz, in accordance with Resolution 414 (WRC 03) and, to study current satellite frequency allocations, that will support the modernization of civil aviation telecommunication systems, taking into account Resolution 415 (WRC 03); Word   Acrobat  
1.7 to consider the results of ITU-R studies regarding sharing between the mobile-satellite service and the SRS (passive) in the band 1 668-1 668.4 MHz, and between the mobile-satellite service and the mobile service in the band 1 668.4-1 675 MHz in accordance with Resolution 744 (WRC 03); Word Acrobat
1.8 to consider the results of ITU-R studies on technical sharing and regulatory provisions for the application of high altitude platform stations operating in the bands 27.5-28.35 GHz and 31 31.3 GHz in response to Resolution 145 (WRC 03), and for high altitude platform stations operating in the bands 47.2-47.5 GHz and 47.9-48.2 GHz in response to Resolution 122 (Rev.WRC 03); Word Acrobat  Acrobat
1.9 to review the technical, operational and regulatory provisions applicable to the use of the band 2 500-2 690 MHz by space services in order to facilitate sharing with current and future terrestrial services without placing undue constraint on the services to which the band is allocated; Word Acrobat
1.10 to review the regulatory procedures and associated technical criteria of Appendix 30B without any action on the allotments, the existing systems or the assignments in the List of Appendix 30B; Acrobat Acrobat  Acrobat
1.11 to review sharing criteria and regulatory provisions for protection of terrestrial services, in particular the terrestrial television broadcasting services, in the band 620-790 MHz from broadcasting-satellites service networks and systems, in accordance with Resolution 545 (WRC 03); Word   Acrobat
1.12 to consider possible changes in response to Resolution 86 (Rev. Marrakesh, 2002) of the Plenipotentiary Conference: “Advance publication, notification and recording procedures for frequency assignments pertaining to satellite networks” in accordance with Resolution 86 (WRC 03); Acrobat Acrobat  Acrobat  Acrobat  Acrobat  Acrobat  Acrobat  Acrobat
1.13 taking into account Resolutions 729 (WRC 97), 351 (WRC 03) and 544 (WRC 03), to review the allocations to all services in the HF bands between 4 MHz and 10 MHz, excluding those allocations to services in the frequency range 7 000-7 200 kHz and those bands whose allotment plans are in Appendices 25, 26 and 27 and whose channeling arrangements are in Appendix 17, taking account of the impact of new modulation techniques, adaptive control techniques and the spectrum requirements for HF broadcasting; Acrobat Acrobat
1.14 to review the operational procedures and requirements of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and other related provisions of the Radio Regulations, taking into account Resolutions 331 (Rev.WRC 03) and 342 (Rev.WRC 2000) and the continued transition to the GMDSS, the experience since its introduction, and the needs of all classes of ships; Word Acrobat
1.15 to consider a secondary allocation to the amateur service in the frequency band 135.7 137.8 kHz; Acrobat  
1.16 to consider the regulatory and operational provisions for Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSIs) for equipment other than shipborne mobile equipment, taking into account Resolutions 344 (Rev.WRC 03) and 353 (WRC 03); Word Acrobat  
1.17 to consider the results of ITU-R studies on compatibility between the fixed-satellite service and other services around 1.4 GHz, in accordance with Resolution 745 (WRC 03);   Acrobat
1.18 to review pfd limits in the band 17.7-19.7 GHz for satellite systems using highly inclined orbits, in accordance with Resolution 141 (WRC 03); Word Acrobat
1.19 to consider the results of the ITU-R studies regarding spectrum requirement for global broadband satellite systems in order to identify possible global harmonized fixed-satellite service frequency bands for the use of Internet applications, and consider the appropriate regulatory/technical provisions, taking also into account No. 5.516B of the Radio Regulations; Word Acrobat
1.20 to consider the results of studies, and proposals for regulatory measures if appropriate regarding the protection of the EESS (passive) from unwanted emissions of active services in accordance with Resolution 738 (WRC 03);    
1.21 to consider the results of studies, regarding the compatibility between the radio astronomy service and the active space services in accordance with Resolution 740 (WRC-03), in order to review and update, if appropriate, the tables of threshold levels used for consultation that appear in the Annex to Resolution 739 (WRC 03); Word Acrobat
2 to examine the revised ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference in the Radio Regulations communicated by the Radiocommunication Assembly, in accordance with Resolution 28 (Rev.WRC 03), and to decide whether or not to update the corresponding references in the Radio Regulations, in accordance with principles contained in the Annex to Resolution 27 (Rev.WRC 03); Word Acrobat  Acrobat
3 to consider such consequential changes and amendments to the Radio Regulations as may be necessitated by the decisions of the Conference;    
4 in accordance with Resolution 95 (Rev.WRC 03), to review the Resolutions and Recommendations of previous conferences with a view to their possible revision, replacement or abrogation; Acrobat Acrobat
5 to review, and take appropriate action on, the Report from the Radiocommunication Assembly submitted in accordance with Nos. 135 and 136 of the Convention;    
6 to identify those items requiring urgent action by the Radiocommunication Study Groups in preparation for the next world radiocommunication conference;    
7 in accordance with Article 7 of the Convention:    
7.1 to consider and approve the Report of the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau: – on the activities of the Radiocommunication Sector since WRC 03; – on any difficulties or inconsistencies encountered in the application of the Radio Regulations; and – on action in response to Resolution 80 (Rev.WRC 2000);    
7.2 to recommend to the Council items for inclusion in the agenda for the next WRC, and to give its views on the preliminary agenda for the subsequent conference and on possible agenda items for future conferences, taking into account Resolution 803 (WRC 03),    

Thursday, May 14, 2015