Summary: Data on subscriptions to voice telephone services - including connections served by incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), mobile wireless providers, and interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers - from FCC Form 477

Additional Form 477 data - including lists of providers and data on Internet access connections - are published in conjunction with these reports and the Internet Access Services Reports.

Voice Telephone Services as of 06/30/16.  Released 04/17.
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Voice Telephone Services as of 12/31/15.  Released 11/16.
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Voice Telephone Services as of 06/30/15.  Released 08/16.
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Voice Telephone Services as of 12/31/14.  Released 03/16.
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Data from December 2013 and earlier periods can be found in the Local Telephone Competition Reports.



Thursday, August 4, 2016