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Access for People with Disabilities

The FCC is committed to making the electronic technologies we deploy accessible to individuals with disabilities. In this effort, we work with the Access Board, an independent Federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities. The Access Board established Federal standards for electronic and information technology under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. We incorporate Section 508 compliance testing in the design, development and maintenance of our website. To learn more about actions the FCC is taking to ensure that new technologies are accessible, visit our Disability Rights Office web page.

Paperwork Reduction Act & FCC Information Collections

For more information regarding our compliance with the Paperwork Reduction act, please visit the FCC Information Collections and the Paperwork Reduction Act page.

Privacy Act Information

It is the policy of the FCC to ensure the accuracy and protect the privacy of every individual whose protected information is stored in Commission systems or records. The Commission carries out this policy by ensuring that it has and implements procedures to regulate the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of Privacy Act-protected information. Find information about all the FCC’s many efforts to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974 on our Privacy Act Information webpage.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

The FCC is committed to ensuring the security of the American public by protecting their information. The FCC's Vulnerability Disclosure Policy is intended to give security researchers clear guidelines for conducting vulnerability discovery activities and to convey our preferences in how to submit discovered vulnerabilities to us. This policy describes what systems and types of research are covered under this policy, how to send us vulnerability reports, and how long we ask security researchers to wait before publicly disclosing vulnerabilities. We encourage you to contact us to report potential vulnerabilities in our systems.

Website Inventory, Priorities & Schedules

The FCC maintains an inventory of FCC website content and associated on-line publication schedules and priorities, as required by Section 207(f)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002. See our complete Website Inventory, Priorities & Schedules page for more information.

Website Maintenance Policy, Schedule & Alerts

We strive to make the FCC's network and on-line systems highly reliable and available. Toward this end, we must periodically bring down systems for service, software updates, repairs, routine maintenance and performance tuning. Accordingly, we have established a weekly network maintenance window - Saturday 10 p.m. to Sunday 6 a.m (Eastern Time) – when some or all FCC systems might be brought down for maintenance work. During this period the public may not have access to our online documents, electronic filing/licensing applications or to the entire FCC web site. While you may attempt to access systems during the maintenance window, you do so at your own risk.

While this work is essential, we also recognize that it presents an inconvenience for those of you who use our online systems. All active warnings, alerts and notifications associated with all of our online apps and systems are centrally listed on our "System Alerts & Notifications" page. Individual warnings, alerts and notifications are also displayed at the top of the specific webpages that are directly related to the apps and systems effected.