Rural Broadband Auctions

Bridging the digital divide—particularly in rural areas where broadband is insufficiently deployed—is the Commission’s top priority.

Beginning in 2018, the FCC will conduct a pair of auctions designed to efficiently distribute approximately $6.5 billion in Universal Service Fund support for fixed and mobile broadband networks in unserved parts of America.

The Connect America Fund Phase II (CAF-II) auction will offer almost $2 billion to bidders to connect unserved and underserved locations with fixed broadband service over the next decade. The Mobility Fund II (MF-II) auction will make available more than $4.5 billion in new funding over ten years for expanding 4G LTE mobile coverage across rural America and in Tribal lands.

In 2017, Chairman Ajit Pai announced the formation of a Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force to implement and oversee both auctions. The Task Force will maintain this website to keep stakeholders, prospective bidders, and the public informed on the pre-auction processes and the timeline for applications and bidding.


Thursday, May 10, 2018