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Pursuant to Section 212 of the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of 1996, the Commission publishes small entity compliance guides on this website. The compliance guides explain to small entities, in plain language, what the FCC requires of them with respect to complying with new rules. The table below can be sorted by the column heading. Place your ‘mouse’ over each column heading and a tool tip will appear that gives you the option “click to sort by [the name of the column heading]”.

R&O Subject MatterCompliance Guide TitleCompliance
DA-17-627FCC 17-40Quadrennial Regulatory Review2014 Quadrennial Regulatory Review6/28/17
DA-17-94FCC 16-107Quadrennial Regulatory Review1/24/17
DA-14-1817FCC 14-28Quadrennial Regulatory Review12/11/14
DA-16-1372FCC 16-1Form 323 and 323-E323 and 323-E Order1/9/17
DA-20-1408FCC 20-143Access Charge Reform8YY Access Charge Reform11/27/20
FCC 21-80911911 Fee Diversion
Desvío de tarifas por servicios del 911
DA-19-277FCC 18-133Wireless Broadband DeploymentAccelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers4/11/19
DA-16-412FCC 13-138Video Programming Guides and MenusAccessibility of User Interfaces, Video Programming Guides and Menus4/15/16
DA-14-664FCC 13-138Video Programming Guides and Menus5/15/14
DA-14-639FCC 13-57Accessible Internet BrowsersAccessible Internet Browsers on Mobile Phones5/12/14
FCC 20-96RobocallsAdvanced Methods to Target and Eliminate Unlawful Robocalls
Métodos Avanzados para Identificar y Eliminar Llamadas Automáticas Ilegales
DA-21-512FCC 20-187Robocalls5/3/21
FCC 22-75Emergency Alert SystemAmendment of Part 11 of the Commission’s Rules Regarding the Emergency Alert System
Enmienda de la Parte 11 del Reglamento de la Comisión relativa al Sistema de Alerta de Emergencia
DA-24-206FCC-23-72Television, Class A and Low Power TelevisionAmendment of Part 73 of the Commission’s Rules Related to Full Power Television and Class A Television Stations


DA 23-550
FCC 23-25Low Power Television (LPTV)Amendment of Part 74 of the Commission’s Rules Related to Low Power Television and Television Translator Stations
Enmienda de la Parte 74 de las Reglas de la Comisión relacionadas con estaciones de traducción y televisión de baja potencia
DA-19-88FCC 17-93Amendment of Commission's RulesAmendment of Parts 0, 1, 2, 15 and 18 of the Commission's Rules2/15/19
DA-15-564FCC 14-181Amendment of Commission's RulesAmendment of Parts 0, 1, 22, 24, and 27 of the Commission's Rules5/11/15
DA-18-414FCC 17-27Amendment of Commission's RulesAmendment of Parts 1 and 22 of the Commissions Rules4/24/18
DA-18-1029FCC 18-92Amendment of Commission's Rules10/5/18
DA-24-200FCC 17-94Vehicular Radar ServicesAmendment of Parts 1, 2, 15, 90, and 95 of the Commission's Rules to Permit Radar Services in the 76-81 GHz Band


DA-16-532FCC 15-175Amendment of Commission's RulesAmendment of Parts 73 and 74 of the Commissions Rules5/12/16
DA-18-441FCC 18-16Amendment of Commission's RulesAmendment of Parts 74, 76 and 78 of the Commission's Rules5/1/18
DA 23-698FCC 23-35Amendment of Commission’s RulesAmendment of Section 15.255 of the Commission’s Rules8/15/23
DA-19-221FCC 18-41Amendment of Commission's RulesAmendment of Section 73.624(g) of the Commission's Rules3/27/19
DA-24-444FCC-24-35Program Origination via FM and LPFM Broadcast Booster StationsAmendment of Section 74.1231(i) of the Commission's Rules on FM Broadcast Booster Stations5/10/24
DA-24-447FCC-24-4911; Wireless, Location Based RoutingAmendments to Part 9 of the Commission’s Rules Concerning Location-Based Routing for Wireless 911 Calls Requirements5/10/24
DA-16-522FCC 15-103Amendment of Commission's RulesAmendment of Sections 90.20(d) and 90.265 of the Commission's Rules5/10/16
DA-14-396FCC 13-4Commercial Radio OperatorsAmendment of the Commission's Rules Concerning Commercial Radio Operators3/24/14
DA-24-441FCC-23-56Tribal Libraries; E-RateAmendment of the Commission’s Rules for Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism5/9/24
DA-14-402FCC 13-30Aviation Ground Station EquipmentAmendment of the Commission's Rules Governing Certain Aviation Ground Station Equipment3/24/14
DA-17-886FCC 16-119Maritime CommunicationsAmendment of the Commission's Rules Regarding Maritime Radio Equipment and Related Matters9/13/17
DA-14-433FCC 13-95Radiolocation OperationsAmendment of the Commission's Rules to Permit Radiolocation Operations in the 78-81 GHz Band3/31/14
FCC 22-88Disruptions to CommunicationAmendments to Part 4 of the Commission's Rules Concerning Disruptions to Communications
Enmiendas a la Parte 4 de las Reglas de la Comisión sobre Interrupciones de las Comunicaciones
DA-22-1300FCC 21-34Disruptions to Communication12/12/22
DA-15-227FCC 13-115AM RadioAn Inquiry Into the Commission's Policies and Rules Regarding AM Radio2/24/15
DA-15-1418UnavailableRegulatory FeesAssessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 201512/14/15
DA-17-478UnavailableRegulatory FeesAssessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 20165/17/17
DA-18-471FCC 17-111Regulatory FeesAssessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 20175/8/18
DA 24-460FCC 23-66Regulatory Fees    Assessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2023


DA-14-1651UnavailableRegulatory FeesAssessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for FY 201411/14/14
DA-20-1119FCC 20-110AuctionsAuction 107 Procedures9/22/20
FCC 22-24AuctionsAuction 108 Procedures
Procedimientos de la Subasta 108
DA 21-1176AuctionsAuction 111 Procedures
Procedimientos de la Subasta 111
DA-22-464DA 22-125AuctionsAuction 112 Procedures4/27/22
DA-19-1230FCC 19-75AuctionsAuction of Toll Free Numbers in the 833 Code12/3/19
DA-18-374FCC 17-170Blue AlertBlue Alert4/16/18
FCC 22-12BroadbandBroadband Access to Multiple Tenant Environments
Acceso de banda ancha a entornos de múltiples inquilinos
FCC 18-114Broadcast Incubator ProgramBroadcast Incubator Program
Programa de Incubación de Radiodifusión
DA-21-27FCC 20-135Cable Service ChangeCable Service Change Notifications1/8/21
DA-18-376FCC 17-120Cable TelevisionCable Television Technical and Operational Standards4/16/18
FCC 20-136
FCC 20-42
Caller IDCaller ID Authentication
Normas de la Comisión relativas a la autenticación de identificación de llamadas
DA-15-891FCC 15-65Digital TelevisionCarriage of Digital Television Broadcast Signals8/6/15
DA-18-288FCC 17-29Channel SharingChannel Sharing by Full Power and Class A Stations3/23/18
FCC 19-67Children's Television ProgrammingChildren's Television Programming Rules
Normas de programación para la televisión infantil
DA-14-1137UnavailableClosed CaptioningClosed Captioning of Internet Protocol-Delivered Video Clips10/2/14
DA-15-208FCC 14-12Closed CaptioningClosed Captioning of Live Programming on Television2/12/15
DA-21-469FCC 16-17
FCC 14-12
Closed CaptioningClosed Captioning of Programming on Television4/23/21
DA-17-692FCC 16-17
FCC 14-12
Closed Captioning7/18/17
DA-15-955FCC 15-47Frequency Band 3550-3650 MHzCommercial Operations in the 3550-3650 MHz Band9/1/15
DA-18-1241FCC 18-155Aviation Radio ServiceCommission's Rules Concerning the Aviation Radio Service11/9/18
DA 24-18FCC 23-18Caller IdCommission’s Rules Implementing the STIR/SHAKEN Framework1/5/24
DA-19-451FCC 18-145ContractsCommission's Rules Regarding Filing of Contracts5/21/19
DA-19-42FCC 18-143Frequency Band 800 MHzCreation of Interstitial 12.5 Kilohertz Channels in the 800 MHz Band2/4/19
DA-16-496FCC 15-175Digital Low Power TVDigital Low Power Television and Television Translator Stations5/5/16
DA-18-375FCC 17-119Antenna ArraysDirectional AM Antenna Arrays4/16/18
DA-19-219FCC 18-166MVPD CommunicationsElectronic Delivery of MVPD Communications3/27/19
DA-18-64FCC 17-137Main Studio RuleElimination of Main Studio Rule1/23/18
DA-20-901FCC 19-57Emergency Alert SystemEmergency Alert System8/19/20
DA-19-262FCC 18-94Emergency Alert System4/8/19
DA-17-771FCC 16-48Emission MaskEmission Mask Requirements8/15/17
DA 24-459FCC 22-86
FCC 23-68
Broadband Consumer LabelsEmpowering Broadband Consumers Through Transparency    


DA 23-758FCC 23-60Universal ServiceEnhanced Alternative Connect America Cost Model8/24/23
DA-16-475FCC 15-98911Ensuring Continuity of 911 Communications4/29/16
DA-17-100FCC 16-107Quadrennial Regulatory ReviewErratum - 2014 Quadrennial Regulatory Review/Ownership Rules et al1/24/17
DA-21-169FCC 20-124Video Navigation ChoicesExpanding Consumers' Video Navigation Choices2/12/21
DA-16-329FCC 15-141Economic and Innovation Opportunities of SpectrumExpanding the Economic and Innovation Opportunities of Spectrum3/29/16
DA-16-116FCC 15-140Economic and Innovation Opportunities of Spectrum2/2/16
DA-14-398FCC 13-15Experimental Radio ServiceExperimental Radio Service3/24/14
DA-21-399FCC 20-138Frequency Band 3100-3550 MHzFacilitating Shared Use in the 3100-3550 MHz Band4/5/21
DA-15-475FCC 14-118911Facilitating the Deployment of Text to 9114/17/15
DA-14-638FCC 13-127
FCC 13-64
911Facilitating the Deployment of Text-to-911 and Other NG 911 Apps5/12/14
DA-18-1315FCC 18-136Form 325FCC Form 325 Collection3/8/19
FCC 21-28Hearing Aid CompatibilityGoverning Standards for Hearing Aid-Compatible Handsets
Modificación de las normas de la Comisión Normas que rigen los teléfonos compatibles con audífonos
DA-19-205FCC 17-135Hearing Aid CompatibilityHearing Aid Compatibility for Wireline3/22/19
FCC 19-126Human Exposure to RFHuman Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields
Exposición humana a campos electromagnéticos de radiofrecuencia
DA-15-683FCC 13-39Human Exposure to RF6/10/15
DA-15-1102FCC 15-62STELA Reauthorization ActImplementation of Section 111 of the STELA Reauthorization Act9/30/15
DA-24-418FCC-23-112Low Power Television (LPTV); Television; Class A and Low Power TelevisionImplementation of the Low Power Protection Act5/3/24
DA-16-509FCC 15-56Communications Video AccessibilityImplementation Twenty-First Century Communications Video Accessibility5/6/16
DA-20-431FCC 19-76Kari's Law and Section 506 of Ray Baum's ActImplementing Kari's Law and Section 506 of Ray Baum's Act4/20/20
DA-14-663FCC 13-137Public Safety BroadbandImplementing Public Safety Broadband Provisions5/15/14
DA-16-525FCC 15-95911Improving 911 Reliability5/10/16
DA-14-643FCC 13-1589115/13/14
FCC 19-138
FCC 16-81
Outage ReportingImproving Outage Reporting
Mejoras de los informes de interrupciones de cables submarinos e información mejorada sobre interrupciones de cables submarinos
DA-14-659DA 13-586Public Safety CommunicationsImproving Public Safety Communication in the 800 MHz Band5/15/14
DA-14-397FCC 13-136Frequency Band 700 MHzIn the Matter of Promoting Interoperability in the 700 MHz Commercial3/24/14
DA-20-508FCC 19-63Incentive AuctionsIncentive Auction of Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service5/13/20
DA-14-1138UnavailableIncentive AuctionsIncentive Auctions10/2/14
DA-20-284FCC 19-94Intercarrier CompensationIntercarrier Compensation Regime to Eliminate Access Arbitrage3/16/20
DA-19-1180FCC 19-52Leased Commercial AccessLeased Commercial Access; Modernization of Media Regulation Initiative11/14/19
DA-20-1355FCC 20-95Leased Commercial AccessLeased Commercial Access11/16/20
FCC 20-186RobocallsLimits on Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) Robocall Exemptions
Límites a las exenciones de llamadas automáticas de la Ley de Protección al Consumidor Telefónico de 1991 (TCPA)
DA-15-547FCC 12-54Medical DevicesMedical Body Area Networks5/6/15
DA-21-111FCC 20-152Unbundling and ResaleModernizing Unbundling and Resale Requirements2/3/21
DA-18-377FCC 17-158Broadcast Television StandardNext Generation Broadcast Television Standard4/16/18
DA-18-157FCC 17-41Noncommercial Educational Station FundraisingNoncommercial Educational Station Fundraising for Third-Party Non-Profit Organizations2/16/18
DA-14-1028FCC 14-2Probing RadarsOperation of Unlicensed Level Probing Radars7/21/14
DA-15-576FCC 14-157Incentive AuctionsOpportunities of Spectrum Through Incentive Auctions5/12/15
DA-14-1135FCC 14-63Mobile Spectrum HoldingsPolicies Regarding Mobile Spectrum Holdings8/4/14
DA-19-450FCC 18-174Station LicensesPosting of Station Licenses and Related Information5/21/19
FCC 21-75RobocallsPrivate Entity Robocall and Spoofing Information Submission Portal
Portal para presentar información sobre llamadas automáticas y de suplantación de identidad
DA-17-795FCC 17-42Diversity in BroadcastPromoting Diversification of Ownership in the Broadcasting Services8/23/17
DA-16-526FCC 15-100Wireless MicrophonesPromoting Spectrum Access for Wireless Microphone Operations5/10/16
FCC 20-176National SecurityProtecting Against National Security Threats
Programa de la FCC para la protección contra amenazas a la seguridad nacional en la cadena de suministro de las comunicaciones
DA-16-271FCC 15-24Open InternetProtecting and Promoting the Open Internet3/11/16
DA-19-220FCC 18-78ConsumersProtecting Consumers3/27/19
DA-21-2FCC 20-65Filing of ApplicationsPublic Notice of the Filing of Applications1/4/21
DA-16-913FCC 16-33Rate of Return Carrier RequirementsRate of Return Carrier Requirements8/11/16
DA-14-535FCC 13-113Inmate CallingRates for Interstate Inmate Calling Services4/22/14
DA-24-405FCC-22-76Disability Issues, Consumers, Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS), Inmate Calling Services (ICS)5/6/24
DA-20-509FCC 19-127Comparative Standards and ProceduresReexamination of the Comparative Standards and Procedures5/13/20
DA-19-408FCC 18-30Infrastructure InvestmentRemoving Barriers to Infrastructure Investment5/13/19
DA-18-458FCC 17-153Infrastructure Investment5/3/18
DA-21-1160FCC 19-138
FCC 16-81
Submarine CablesReporting Submarine Cables and Enhanced Submarine Cable Outage Data9/16/21
DA-19-412FCC 18-167Hearing Aid CompatibilityRequirements Governing Hearing Aid-Compatible Mobile Handsets5/13/19
DA-18-915FCC 17-166Open InternetRestoring Internet Freedom9/5/18
DA-17-770FCC 16-32Emergency Alert SystemReview of the Emergency Alert System8/15/17
DA-16-533FCC 15-60Emergency Alert System5/12/16
DA-15-575FCC 14-30Ammendment of Commission's RulesRevision of Part 15 of the Commission's Rules5/12/15
DA-21-29FCC 20-162Part 76 ReviewRevision of the Commission's Part 76 Review Procedures1/8/21
DA-18-1314FCC 18-148Cable TelevisionRevisions to Cable Television Rate Regulations10/23/18
DA-17-535FCC 17-3Public Inspection FileRevisions to Public Inspection File Requirements6/2/17
DA-17-311FCC 17-14AM RadioRevitalization of the AM Radio Service4/7/17
DA-18-317FCC 17-132Caller IDRules and Policies Regarding Calling Number Identification Service3/29/18
DA-21-936FCC 21-34Disruptions to CommunicationsRules Concerning Disruptions to Communications8/2/21
FCC 21-60Inmate CallingRules for Interstate Inmate Calling Services
Normas relativas a servicios de llamadas interestatales de personas privadas de la libertad
DA-20-1393FCC 20-111Inmate Calling11/23/20
DA-22-528DA 22-241Broadband, DigitalRules Regarding Establishing the Digital Opportunity Data Collection5/12/22
DA-18-1313FCC 18-111Pole AttachmentSECG 2019 - Amendments to the Commission's Existing Pole Attachment2/25/19
DA-20-311FCC 20-8Electronic Delivery of Notices to Broadcast TelevisionSECG 2020 - Electronic Delivery of Notices to Broadcast Television3/20/20
DA-14-73FCC 13-88Advanced Wireless ServicesService Rules for Advanced Wireless Services H Block1/22/14
DA-15-201FCC 13-40Public Safety Narrowband OperationsService Rules Governing Public Safety Narrowband Operations2/12/15
DA-22-488FCC 21-82Public Safety, WirelessSolutions to Combat Contraband Wireless Device Use5/12/22
DA-14-1521FCC 12-153Special Access ServicesSpecial Access Services10/21/14
DA-15-23FCC 14-141Sports Blackout RulesSports Blackout Rules1/8/15
DA-17-885DA 17-76Video Relay ServiceStructure and Practices of the Video Relay Service Program9/26/17
DA-16-1094FCC 16-33Rate of Return Carrier RequirementsSupplemental Rate of Return Carrier Requirements for Recipients of High Cost Universal Service Support9/27/16
DA-18-231FCC 17-25Contraband Wireless DevisesTechnological Solutions to Combat Contraband Wireless Devise Use2/9/18
DA-15-577FCC 14-190
FCC 14-54
FCC 12-137
FCC 12-52
FCC 12-11
FCC 11-161
Telecommunications Carrier ReportingTelecommunications Carrier Annual Reporting Requirements5/13/15
DA-20-510FCC 19-62Frequency Band 2.5 GHzTransforming the 2.5 GHz Band5/13/20
DA-17-772FCC 16-169Real-Time TextTransition from TTY to Real-Time Text Technology8/15/17
DA-14-651FCC 13-98Travelers' Information StationsTravelers' Information Stations5/13/14
DA-22-281FCC 22-8Universal ServiceTribal Library Eligibility for Schools and Libraries3/15/22
DA-20-98FCC 19-73Caller IDTruth in Caller ID Rules1/22/20
DA-24-417FCC-23-86Unlicensed DevicesUnlicensed Use of the 6 GHz Band; Expanding Flexible Use in Mid-Band Spectrum Between 3.7 and 24 GHz5/3/24
DA 23-615FCC 23-24White Space Database and White Space DevicesUnlicensed White Space Device Operations in the Television Bands7/19/23
DA-16-546FCC 15-80Competitive Bidding RulesUpdating Part 1 Competitive Bidding Rules5/16/16
DA-24-415FCC-23-14DevicesUpdating References to Standards Related to the Commission’s Equipment Authorization Program5/3/24
FCC 23-31Intercarrier Compensation, Access ChargesUpdating the Intercarrier Compensation Regime to Eliminate Access Arbitrage
Actualización del régimen de compensación entre operadores para eliminar el arbitraje de acceso
DA-18-896FCC 17-152Mobile Radio ServicesUse of Spectrum Bands Above 24 GHz for Mobile Radio Services, et. al8/29/18
DA-19-409FCC 18-180Mobile Radio Services5/13/19
DA-18-987FCC 18-73Mobile Radio ServicesUse of Spectrum Bands Above 24 GHz for Mobile Radio Services9/26/18
DA-21-3FCC 20-155Video AccessibilityVideo Accessibility Act of 20101/4/21
DA-16-479FCC 15-99White Space Devices and Unlicensed Wireless MicrophonesWhite Space Devices and Unlicensed Wireless Microphones5/3/16
DA-15-487FCC 14-138Signal BoostersWireless Coverage Through the Use of Signal Boosters4/22/15
FCC 20-98Wireless E911Wireless E911 Location Accuracy Requirements
Requisitos de precisión de la ubicación de llamadas al E911 desde dispositivos inalámbricos
DA-20-458FCC 19-124Wireless E9114/28/20
DA-15-433FCC 15-9Wireless E9114/8/15
FCC 21-77Wireless Emergency AlertsWireless Emergency Alerts
Reforma a la disposición "Part 11" de las normas de la Comisión relativas al sistema de alerta de emergencia en dispositivos inalámbricos
DA-18-1200FCC 18-4Wireless Emergency Alerts11/27/18
DA-21-1FCC 20-153Wireless Facility ModificationWireless Facility Modification Requests1/4/21
DA-14-1136FCC 14-62Wireless MicrophonesWireless Microphones Second Report and Order6/2/14
DA-15-887FCC 15-50World Radiocommunication ConferenceWorld Radiocommunication Conference8/5/15


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