For ILECs and state commissions wishing
to submit updated Study Area Boundary data, please contact
for further instructions.

Overview: The FCC collects data on the study area boundaries of all incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) to use in the implementation of certain universal service reforms adopted in the USF/ICC Transformation Order

Study Area Boundary Data Recertification Resources

Orders and Other Releases

Biennial Recertifications of Study Area Boundary Data Are Due No Later Than June 30, 2023
Public Notice (DA  23-416): Word | PDF | Text

Biennial Recertifications of Study Area Boundary Data Are Due No Later Than June 30, 2021
Public Notice (DA  21-552): Word | PDF | Text

Wireline Competition Bureau Extends The Filing Deadline for Study Area Boundary Changes to June 30, 2017
Public Notice (DA 17-543): Word | PDF | Text

Wireline Competition Bureau Publishes Map of Study Areas for Use in Alternative Connect America Cost Model
Public Notice (DA 15-429): Word | PDF | Text

Deadline for Study Area Boundary Changes Extended to March 23, 2015
Public Notice (DA 15-321): Word | PDF | Text

Study Area Boundary Revision Filing Deadline Extended to March 17, 2014
Order (DA 14-28): Word | PDF | Text

Wireline Competition Bureau Publishes Online Map of Submitted Study Area Boundaries, Announces Procedures for Filing Revised Data
Public Notice (DA 13-2296): Word | PDF | Text

Geographic Variable Values for Carriers with Study Area Boundary Waivers Approved after March 26, 2013 (Excel)

Wireline Competition Bureau Announces Brief Delay in Activation of Study Area Boundary Collection Site
Public Notice (DA 13-954): Word | PDF | Text

Wireline Competition Bureau Announces Deadline for Submission of Study Area Boundary Waivers
Public Notice (DA 13-904): Word | PDF | Text

Wireline Competition Bureau Releases List of Study Area Boundaries Being Filed by State Commissions
Public Notice (DA 13-775): Word | PDF | Text
Attachment: Excel | PDF | Text

Wireline Competition Bureau Announces Procedures and Deadlines for Submission of Study Area Boundaries
Public Notice (DA 13-456): Word | PDF | TXT
Erratum: Word
Shapefile Template: ZIP
Description of Field Names in Shapefile Template (Readme file): TXT
CLLI Code Template* (Exchange Boundary Submissions): Excel | TXT | PDF
CLLI Code Template* (Wire Center Boundary Submissions): Excel | TXT | PDF
*Filers should submit CLLI code data in a .csv file.

Wireline Competition Bureau modifies and clarifies, on its own motion, certain rules for the study area boundary data collection.
Order on Reconsideration (DA 13-282): Word | PDF

Wireline Competition Bureau adopts rules for the collection of study area boundary data.
Report and Order (DA 12-1777): Word | PDF

Wireline Competition Bureau seeks comment on the requirements and procedures for collecting study area boundary data.
Public Notice (DA 12-868): Word | PDF

Study Area Boundary Data


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