Leadership: Kenneth Lynch, Division Chief
Phone: (202) 418-7356

The Industry Analysis Division (IAD) is the Commission's principal resource with regard to designing and administering significant, economically-relevant data collections used by a variety of Bureaus and Offices, providing support to Bureaus and Offices with respect to these data collections as well as support using the data for Continuity of Operations (COOP)/Emergency Response Group (ERG)/Incident Management Team (IMT), and performing analyses and studies.

IAD collects and/or manages the following industry data: 

IAD Data and Statistical Reports

  • Based on IAD data collections and other data sources 
  • Used by the industry, the financial investment community, and by federal and state regulators for a variety of purposes

IAD also oversees the Part 68 regulatory requirements, other than those specifically related to hearing aid compatibility issues.  

IAD's Contact Information


Wednesday, September 23, 2020