The Universal Licensing System (ULS) automatically identifies licenses, locations, and frequencies that are presumed to have not met construction or geographic coverage requirements and, as a result, automatically terminated. ULS bases its presumption on whether a licensee has filed a Required Notification or Request for Extension of Time with the FCC in a timely manner. If the licensee has not filed the Required Notification or Extension of Time request, ULS presumes that the license, location, or frequency has not been constructed, or the coverage requirement has not been met. In these instances, ULS places the license, location, or frequency in "termination pending" status for 30 days. If, by the end of that 30-day period the licensee does not file a petition to rebut the presumption, the license, location, or frequency automatically cancels and ULS changes the status of the license, location, or frequency to "Terminated", effective the date of the construction or coverage deadline. For purposes of these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), we refer to this process within ULS as "Auto Term".

Construction and geographic coverage requirements vary depending on the radio service in which a license is held and the rules governing each radio service are set forth in the rule part governing the specific service. 47 CFR 1.946, sets forth the rules pertaining to the automatic termination of licenses where construction and coverage requirements are not met; notification requirements that construction or coverage requirements have been met; and procedures for requesting an extension of construction or coverage requirement deadlines.

Monday, April 22, 2019