This article provides information on how to file apply for a New License in the Universal Licensing System (ULS).

Steps to Applying for a New License in ULS

  1. Log in to ULS Online Filing with your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password or FRN and Username Password.
  2. On the left-side of the screen, click Apply for a New License.
  3. From the drop down box, select the Radio Service for the new license.
  4. Click Continue to navigate through the application.
  5. Sign your application and click Submit Application.

    Note: By typing your first and last name in the name fields you have signed your application.

FAQs – Applying for a New License in ULS

Will I owe a filing fee?

Most applications for a New License require a fee. ULS will automatically determine if a fee is required and tell you the amount once you complete your application. If fees are due, they can be paid online as soon as you submit your application.

Additional information about fees is available at the Wireless Fees Page.

How do I know if my application is received at the FCC?

Applications will appear either the next business day in ULS Application Search or two businesses days later for applications filed on a weekend or federal holiday.  Enter the file number in the ULS Application Search to find your application.

What if the drop down box does not contain the radio service as indicated in step 3?

There are a few possibilities:

  • New Amateur (ham radio) licenses must be filed by a third party Volunteer Exam Coordinator (VEC).
  • The radio service is one where licenses are issued by auction and an active auction window to file applications for new licenses is not open.

How can I change information on my application after I submit it?

You can file an Amendment Application.