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The Office of General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission serves as the chief legal advisor to the Commission and to its various bureaus and offices. The General Counsel also represents the Commission in litigation in federal courts, recommends decisions in adjudicatory matters before the Commission, assists the Commission in its decision making capacity and performs a variety of legal functions regarding internal and other administrative matters.

P. Michele Ellison serves as the General Counsel, the agency's chief legal officer. Jacob Lewis is the Deputy General Counsel for Litigation and Karen Onyeije is the Deputy General Counsel for Fraud, Bankruptcy, Transactions and other complex matters. The OGC Front Office also includes several other senior managers: Christopher Day (Associate General Counsel and Senior Counsel for Intergovernmental Affairs), Anjali Singh (Assistant General Counsel), Elliot Tarloff (Senior Agency Official for Privacy), Jim Bird (Senior Counsel), and Sheryl Wilkerson (Special Counsel).

Tuesday, June 20, 2023