The following is a complete list of the filings of Notices of Intent to establish an Open Video System that were submitted to the Commission on disk.  Other Notices may have been filed and can be obtained by contacting Best Copy and Printing, Inc. at 202-488-5300.  All documents are also available in the Commission's public reference room located at 445 12th Street, S.W., Washington, DC.

Documents may be downloaded into WordPerfect 5.1 or MS Word 97, as indicated in the table below (a "wp" extension indicates WordPerfect and a "doc" extension indicates Word).  You may also browse the document on screen.  To view the document on screen, simply click on the file name you want to see in the "Browse Text Version..." columns in the table below.  Please be advised that the documents were not designed to be viewed in this manner and that some information may be lost.

Filings of Notice of Intent to Establish an Open Video System

Filing Party Date Received
Download WordPerfect 5.1 or MS Word 97 Version
EasyTEL Communications Carrier Corporation Bixby, OK 5/22/06
EasyTEL Communications Carrier Corporation Broken Arrow, OK 5/22/06
Century Communications of Florida, Inc. Miami-Dade Country, FL 2/6/06
Lakedale Telephone Company Wright Country, MN 11/30/05
Optical Telecommunications, Inc. 11/2/05
RCN, CA 7/22/05
Lakedale Telephone Company Montrose, MN 5/12/05
EasyTEL Communications Tulsa, OK 1/25/05
Lakedale Telephone Company Paynesville, MN 12/15/04
Sunwest Communications, Inc. El Paso County, CO 3/8/04
PrairieWave Telecommunications, Inc. Sioux Falls, SD 2/4/04
Pembroke Advanced Communications, Inc. Pembroke and Bryan, GA 10/3/02
En-Tel Communications, LLC, Willmar, MN 12/12/01
Open Band Multimedia, Loudoun County, VA 10/2/01
Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone, various MN communities 8/20/01
WH Link LLC, portions of Wright and Hennepin Counties, MN 5/21/01
Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone, various MN communities 5/18/01
RCN, NJ 10/12/00
Black Rock Cable, Washington State 10/27/99
Black Rock Cable, Bellington, WA 5/27/99
RCN, PA 10/5/98
RCN, CA 9/8/98
GST Telecom New Mexico, Inc. 4/23/98
Starpower Communications 3/20/98
Microwave Satellite Technologies, Inc. 11/13/97
RCN, NY 2/28/97
RCN, MA 2/28/97
Digital Broadcasting 1/2/97
Bell Atlantic 10/31/96

For more information pertaining to the Policy Division, please call:  (202) 418-2120.