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  • Bureau/Office
    Office of Legislative Affairs
  • Internship Period(s)
    Throughout the year.
  • General Duties
    Conduct research, analyze and prepare correspondences on various issues. Gather and compile information to prepare briefing books, reports and other material as necessary. Create and maintain various Excel and Word reports. Support the Congressional staff, Legal Advisors and Legislative team with data entry-level projects.
  • Selection Criteria
    Candidates should have a strong academic record, an interest in communications law, and a desire to explore public service. Candidates must be enrolled in school during the internship to be eligible.
  • Send Application to
    Joy Medley at joy.medley@fcc.gov or Alethea Lewis at alethea.lewis@fcc.gov, or by mail to: Office of Legislative Affairs Internship Program, 45 L Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20554, or by Fax to: 202-418-2806.  
  • Application Information
    Cover letter, resumé, unofficial transcript and writing sample.
  • Additional Information
    This is a non paid intern position.
  • Application Deadline
    Fall Semester: June 1; Spring Semester: November 1; Summer Semester: March 1