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The Office of Legislative Affairs is the FCC’s primary liaison to Congress. The office provides lawmakers with information regarding FCC regulatory decisions, answers to policy questions, assistance with constituent concerns, and responses to Congressional inquiries. 

Contact Information

Office of Legislative Affairs
Federal Communications Commission
45 L Street NE
Washington, DC 20554
Telephone: (202) 418-1900
Facsimile: (202) 418-2806

Brian Moulton,  Director - The Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs oversees the Commission’s relationship with Congress. The Director and the OLA staff work to provide lawmakers with information regarding decisions and policies adopted by the agency as well as acting as a resource to Congress on technical matters in legislation.  Brian can be reached at brian.moulton@fcc.gov or 202.418.1467.     

Jim Balaguer, Deputy Director - In addition to his duties as Deputy Director, Jim is the lead liaison to Congress on issues out of the Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau including the Universal Service Fund, which is comprised of programs designed to ensure access to affordable communications for schools, libraries, health care providers, and rural and low-income consumers, as well as broadband deployment and adoption. Jim can be reached at jim.balaguer@fcc.gov or 202.418.1915.

Tim Strachan, Deputy Director - Tim is the lead liaison to Congress on issues out of the Media Bureau, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, and the International Bureau, including radio and TV stations, cable operators, satellite radio and TV, and robocalls. Tim can be reached at timothy.strachan@fcc.gov or 202.418.2242.

Jill Pender, Chief Legislative Policy Counsel - Jill is responsible for budget and appropriations issues as well as work that arises out of the Office of Engineering and Technology (OET), Office of the General Counsel (OGC) and Office of the Managing Director (OMD).  Jill also develops educational programs to assist Congressional staff in learning more about the FCC’s activities.  Jill can be reached at jill.pender@fcc.gov or 202.418.2947.

Rebecca Brown, Attorney Advisor - Rebecca handles issues related to the Wireless Bureau and the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. These issues include E911, cybersecurity, operability and interoperability, as well as wireless spectrum, auctions and tower siting. Rebecca can be reached at rebecca.brown@fcc.gov or 202.418-2754.

Joy Medley, Legislative Policy Specialist – Joy handles legislative tracking, processing of Congressional reports, and special projects. Joy can be reached at joy.medley@fcc.gov or 202.418.1907

Alethea Lewis, Senior Congressional Liaison Specialist – Alethea is responsible for policy-related correspondence directed for the Chairman's attention as well as day-to-day operation and tracking of the FCC's Congressional Correspondence response process.  Alethea can be reached at alethea.lewis@fcc.gov or 202.418.0103

Chelle Richmond, Staff Assistant – Chelle is responsible for general office support.