Kenneth Heredia, Management and Program Analyst

Mr. Heredia joined the Commission in 2002 as a Student Trainee (Clerk) in OWD through the Cooperative Work/Study program with Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, Maryland. The Management and Program Analyst series include positions that primarily serve as analysts and advisors to management in evaluating the effectiveness of government programs and operations or the productivity and efficiency of the management of Federal agencies or both. Positions in this series require knowledge of: the substantive nature of agency programs and activities; agency missions, policies, and objectives; management principles and processes; and the analytical and evaluative methods and techniques for assessing program development or execution and improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Some positions also require an understanding of basic budgetary and financial management principles and techniques as they relate to the long-range planning of programs and objectives. The work requires skills in the application of factfinding and investigative techniques; oral and written communications; and the development of presentations and reports. He can be reached at (202) 418-1799.

Rosalind Bailey, Equal Employment Specialist

Ms. Rosalind Bailey is the Equal Employment Specialist for the Office of Workplace Diversity (OWD).  Ms. Bailey serves as the liaison for OWD in the area of Diversity & Inclusion and manages all the special emphasis programs.  Ms. Bailey has been with the Commission for over 25 years and with OWD for 18 years. 

Lakeisha S. Jordan, Attorney Advisor

Ms. Jordan serves as an Attorney-Advisor and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program Manager in the Office of Workplace Diversity (OWD). Prior to joining the FCC, Ms. Jordan served as an employment law attorney with over ten years of experience in civil rights, employee relations, and diversity and inclusion matters in the federal government, private and public sectors. Ms. Jordan worked as an EEO Program Strategist, Specialist, and certified Investigator. Ms. Jordan also has served as in-house counsel responsible for providing legal advice to investigators on complex matters relating to discrimination and representing the institution in administrative proceedings with the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. 

Farnese McDonald, Attorney Advisor

Ms. McDonald joined the Federal Communications Commission in Ms. McDonald has a combined 20+ years of experience in equal employment opportunity (EEO)/civil rights including positions at the Department of Defense Washington Headquarters Services, Transportation Security Administration, Maryland Transportation Security Administration, Maryland Department of Transportation, and the United Negro College Fund, Inc.  Her experience spanned all aspects of the EEO process as well as the affirmative employment programs.

Ms. McDonald entered government service at the United States Department of Agriculture as an attorney in the Office of General Counsel.  In that capacity, she represented USDA in federal litigation involving constitutional issues and statutory interpretation in addition to providing advice and counsel on legislative, regulatory, and policy matters.  Her legal career includes private practice, not-for-profit, and government service which included, but was not limited to employment, civil rights, contract, corporate, and not-for-profit law.

Ms. McDonald holds a Juris Doctor degree from Howard University School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts from American University, Washington DC.  

Jedidiah Gibson, Attorney Advisor

Jed Gibson entered the Federal service through the Presidential Management Fellowship Program, which was established by Executive Order in 1977 to attract graduate students with a commitment to public service and leadership in the Federal service.

Jed has experience adjudicating EEO complaints, conducting EEO-related training, and working on numerous other Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) initiatives. In addition, Jed has litigated employment law cases before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Merit System Protection Board.

Jed graduated with a degree in political science from Oklahoma State University and a law degree from Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School. While in law school, Jed interned at the EEOC’s Office of Legal Counsel in Washington DC and worked as an EEO/Title IX investigator at a public university. 

Erica Ward, Program Support Assistant (detailed)

Ms. Ward is the Program Support Assistant for the Office of Workplace Diversity (OWD). Ms. Ward has been with the Commission for 22 years and with OWD for 1 year