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FCC's Broadcast Television and Post Incentive Auction Transition

More Information on Rescanning:  Remember to Rescan

Information on the Incentive Auction:  Consumer FAQs: TV Spectrum Auction

FCC Consumer Guides in Additional Languages – Now Online!

We are pleased to announce that our top FCC Consumer Guides are now available in four additional languages:  Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese.  Topics of the newly translated guides include robocalls; unauthorized charges on telephone bills; spoofing and caller ID; pre-paid phone cards; local, toll, and long distance calling; slamming; and other important issues.  The guides include links to the FCC’s Consumer Help Center and information about how to reach the FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center.

Commission Meeting Updates

During the March 2018 Open Commission Meeting, the FCC adopted a Second Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) in an effort to reduce calls placed by businesses and other legitimate callers to numbers that are no longer assigned to the consumers who consented to receive those calls.  The Commission is proposing that one or more databases be made available to provide businesses with information needed to avoid placing such calls, thus reducing the number of unwanted calls to reassigned numbers.  The proposal also seeks comment on ways to address the problem of unwanted calls to reassigned numbers.  Specifically, it seeks comment on, among other issues, (1) the information that callers who choose to use a reassigned numbers database need from said database; and (2) the best way for service providers to report that information and for callers to access that information.  With respect to this second issue, the proposal seeks comment on whether the Commission should:

(1) require service providers to report reassigned number information to a single, FCC-designated database;

(2) require service providers to report such information to one or more commercial data aggregators; or

(3) allow service providers to report such information to commercial data aggregators on a voluntary basis.

This Second FNPRM also seeks comment on whether, and if so, how the Commission should adopt a safe harbor from Telephone Consumer Protection Act liability for those callers that choose to use a reassigned numbers database. 

FCC/ALA Partnership

The Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau is working with the American Library Association (ALA) to distribute our consumer guides to state and local libraries across the nation.  For example, the Texas State Library shared our consumer guides in their blog. We have over 170 consumer guides on various FCC issues.  Our 5 most popular guides are the Children’s Internet Protection Act, Stopping Unwanted Calls, TV Antennas, Spoofing and Caller ID, and Text to 911.  We also offer all our guides in electronic format for interested partners to link to on their webpages.  If you would like to see our consumer guides at your local library, please contact us at


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