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The Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division (CAOD) engages the public through outreach and education initiatives to inform them about important consumer-related regulatory programs, telecommunications issues and other consumer issues that impact their day to day life.

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Emergency Preparedness

The FCC reminds consumers to be prepared and make an emergency communications plan to keep themselves and their family members safe.  Developed in concert with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the FCC has tips to help you develop a communications plan and prepare for a weather event which could include a loss of power:

  • Understand How Power Outages May Affect Your Landline Service
  • Charge Your Wireless Phone, Laptop, or Tablet if a Storm Is Coming
  • Be Prepared to Monitor News and Emergency Broadcasts During Power Outages
  • Create a Family Emergency Communication Plan
  • Sign Up to Receive Alerts and Warnings
  • Create an "In Case of Emergency" Contact on Your Wireless Phone
  • Inform Your Emergency Contact of Medical Issues
  • Create an Emergency Contacts List on Mobile Phones and Devices
  • Write Down Important Phone Numbers
  • Make Sure Family and Other Contacts Know How to Send Mobile Texts
  • Download the FEMA App

Learn more:  www.fcc.gov/emergency

As President Biden said in his Hurricane Preparedness Week 2021 Proclamation:

Everyone has a role to play in hurricane preparedness and making us a Weather-Ready Nation.  When hurricanes strike, that’s how we will save lives, lessen the damage to our homes, communities, and infrastructure, and recover stronger and faster.

Consumer Education Materials

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FCC consumer education materials are available to download in PDF format and print for outreach events.

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Consumer Guide Translations

Many FCC Consumer Guides are available in other languages.

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Volunteer Day at Food & Friends.

CAOD Staff organized a day of service at Food & Friends Opens a New Window. in Washington DC. Several FCC staff members volunteered their time to help pack food to meet the nonprofit's mission of delivering specialized, nutritious meals and groceries to people in the community facing HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses.



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