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The Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division (CAOD) engages the public through outreach and education initiatives to inform them about important consumer-related regulatory programs, telecommunications issues and other consumer issues that impact their day to day life.

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What the FCC is Doing In Response to Coronavirus

Scammers are constantly adapting and the recent COVID-19 national emergency is no exception. The FCC has learned of a number of ways fraudsters are seeking to take advantage of consumers.  

From fake testing kits and unproven cures to government imposter scams and work from home schemes, robocall scams are being updated to reflect the current crisis.  These scams prey on our most vulnerable community members and result in financial loss or worse, the use of of potentially dangerous “treatments.” 

The FCC has developed a COVID-19 scams page that includes tips to assist consumers with protecting themselves and their loved ones.  The page includes scam audio and a sample text hoax that was circulating.  We will continue to update the page as we learn about new COVID-19 scams.

We must work together to spread the word about these pernicious scams.  Please share this link with your network or contact us to discuss a joint email message.

For additional consumer information or to schedule additional partnership opportunities (informational webinars, etc.) please email outreach@fcc.gov.

How to Sanitize Your Phone and Other Devices

  • Unplug the device before cleaning.
  • Use a lint-free cloth slightly dampened with soap and water.
  • Don't spray cleaners directly onto the device.
  • Avoid aerosol sprays and cleaning solutions that contain bleach or abrasives.
  • Keep liquids and moisture away from any openings on the device.

Dowload poster and learn more information about cleaning devices here.

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FCC consumer education materials are available to download in PDF format and print for outreach events.

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Consumer Guide Translations

Many FCC Consumer Guides are available in other languages.

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Volunteer Day at Food & Friends.

CAOD Staff organized a day of service at Food & Friends Opens a New Window. in Washington DC. Several FCC staff members volunteered their time to help pack food to meet the nonprofit's mission of delivering specialized, nutritious meals and groceries to people in the community facing HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses.


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Thursday, June 25, 2020